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Covering Active RFID and RFID combined with Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and sensors

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1) Pango Networks
2) SAL-C
3) RF Code
4) Identec Solutions
5) Bio-RFID
6) SKC Films
7) Axcess Inc.
8) Wavetrend
9) Exavera Technologies
10) Solicore
11) IDTechEx
12) Ubisense

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Wavetrend Technologies Ltd is a world leader in the innovation and development of Active ULR (Ultra Long Range) Radio Frequency Identification. The company's primary focus is the innovative design, research, engineering and manufacture of an extensive technology platform of hardware, software and infrastructure components. The entire platform is based on a beacon type operating principle and operates in the 433.92 MHz band.

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AXCESS Inc. provides radio frequency identification systems for physical security and supply chain efficiencies. The battery-powered (active) tags locate, track, monitor, count and protect people, assets, inventory and vehicles. AXCESS' Active RFID solutions are supported by its integrated network-based, streaming digital video (or IPTV) technology.

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Alien Technology is a leading supplier of radio frequency identification (RFID) products that enable consumer packaged goods companies, retailers and other industries to improve their operating efficiency throughout their supply chain. Through Alien's patented manufacturing process, Fluidic Self Assembly (FSA), an innovation in the packaging of nanoblocks, Alien is enabling the economic manufacturing of UHF RFID tags in unprecedented volumes.
Exavera Technologies Inc
IDENTEC SOLUTIONS specializes in active long-range RFID systems that improve asset utilization to save millions of dollars in operational costs related to supply chain processes. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS' RFID system—Intelligent Long Range (ILR)—can identify, locate and track assets at a distance of 100 meters (300 feet) to deliver superior real-time visibility in dynamic, demanding environments. ILR is used to streamline business operations in a variety of areas including vehicle tracking and container management for Fortune 500 businesses.

IDTechEx provides independent analysis on the development and application of RFID, smart packaging and printed electronics.

RF Code
SKC is a world leader in polyester films. The company produces its Skyrol ® brand of polyester films in both the United States and Asia.
Solicore develops, manufactures, and markets ultra-thin, flexible lithium polymer batteries under its Flexion brand that serve the smart card, RFID and medical device markets.
Ubisense is the Smart Space company whose sense-driven computing platform increases the value, usability and security of space. Our sensor product uses ultrawideband (UWB) technology to locate people and objects in real-time to an accuracy of 6 inches (15cm) in 3D. Our software platform uses sensor data to update a model of the space that changes in real-time, supporting applications that respond to events as they happen. Our development tools make it simple to develop and deploy robust and scalable location-aware applications.

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AIM Global For more than 30 years, AIM Global has served as the association for and worldwide authority on automatic identification, data collection and networking in a mobile environment. AIM members are providers and users of technologies, systems, and services that capture, manage, and integrate accurate data into larger information systems. Serving more than 900 members in 43 countries, AIM is dedicated to accelerating the growth and use of Automatic Identification and Mobility technologies and services around the world.

RFID Tribe, a global organization with local chapters, is a radio frequency identification (RFID) collaboration forum. The group of industry experts collaborates on RFID and sensor technology, standards, venture capital, products, solutions, industry trends, people and events. RFID Tribe serves as an engine for ideas, people and capital.

The Smart Active Labels (SAL) Consortium is a non-profit international interest group, established in 2002, intended to develop the use of smart active label technologies in a number of industries and to demonstrate new and improved solutions targeted at the specific needs described by end users. Hailed as the next generation of RFID systems, Smart Active Label (SAL) systems include thin and flexible labels that contain an integrated circuit and a power source, enabling superior performance and enhanced functionality over existing passive labels and reduced costs over existing active tags. The first smart active label systems are already on the market.

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Cargo Security International
Published by UK-based Petrospot Ltd, Cargo Security International was launched in October 2003 as a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to all aspects of security in the global supply chain. We cover all modes of transportation - air, rail, road and maritime - but always with a sharp focus on security. Cargo Security International is read by thousands of transport, cargo and security professionals, and by governments, legislators and homeland security experts in more than 40 countries. The magazine's website offers both free-to-access and subscribers’ news and information. is a leading global information provider of RFID news, report, articles, and events. Currently operates both English and Chinese sites.

RFID Solutions Online’s reference library and weekly e-newsletter service focus on incorporating RFID technology into data collection, asset management, and supply chain track and trace solutions. We feature both closed loop solutions as well as emerging open loop applications for the retail supply chain. Visit regularly to stay abreast of industry mandates and the evolving EPC Network standards upon which they are based. Locate providers of tags and labels, readers and printers, middleware, and integration services in our supplier directory. Download specifications through the product showcase and case studies and white papers from the download library.

Please take a moment to join our community and discover the benefits of your free membership. For more information, view our editorial calendar for the list of topics we cover.

Data Collection Online’s reference library and weekly e-newsletter service focus on the automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) industry. Manufacturers, resellers, and system integrators of bar code and RFID technologies are prominently featured on this Web site. Locate providers of fixed and handheld mobile computing devices (and supporting infrastructure) for printing and scanning bar code labels and RFID tags in our supplier directory. Download product specifications through the product showcase and case studies and white papers from the download library.

Please take a moment to join our community and discover the benefits of your free membership. For more information, view our editorial calendar for the list of topics we cover.

Pure Wireless

RFID Update publishes daily editorial briefings for the growing ranks of top level executives involved in the deployment of RFID projects. Each issue distills the impact of global RFID developments into an analytical summary of the matters most pertinent to successful RFID implementation. Free sign up for executives, visit:

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