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Covering Active RFID and RFID combined with Wifi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and sensors

Conference Agenda

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 Conference Program: November 15th

Active RFID in the field - User Perspective

  • Security & Defense
  • Health Care and Pharmaceutical
  • Logistics & Shipping

08:20 Chair: Dan Lawrence, VP, IDTechEx

08:30 Campbell Tingey, Chief Operating Officer, Wavetrend
"Do you know where all your assets are, right now?"

09:00 Steve Chase, Senior Yard Logistics Leader, Associated Food Stores

"Active RFID System Optimizes High-Velocity, High-Volume Distribution Center"

Attendees will learn:

  • How to automate inventory management demands of a high-velocity, dynamic distribution environment though active RFID technology
  • How to drastically reduce inventory carrying costs, enhance customer service, and win new business as a result of increased throughput at distribution centers
  • How to collaborate with customers and partners by allowing all parties in your logistics network to see into the "glass pipeline" of real-time inventory data to optimize operations both within and beyond the four walls of your enterprise

09:30 Gerald Darsch, Director, DoD Combat Feeding, US Army
"Combat Feeding and RFID: Food for Thought"

  • The DoD Combat Feeding Program
  • "Sweet" of RFID Solutions
  • Who's Who in the DoD RFID Community
  • What's Cooking in DoD RFID?

10:00 Break and exhibition visit

10:30 Robert Kenney, Director of Logistics Strategic Support, Savi Technology
"Leveraging RFID for Real-World Supply Chain Solutions"

  • The basics of active RFID technology solutions. A decade of lessons learned from supply chain applications. Military case studies, including Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Commercial case studies The importance of a networked solution using RFID to improve value, including visibility, operational efficiency and security of supply chain assets

11:20 Dr Charles Massey, Maritime Security Program Manager, Sandia National Labs
"Does Active RFID technology have a Supply Chain Security Application?"

  • Analysis of international maritime supply chain studies
  • Potential roles (and pros and cons) of RFID from a security standpoint
  • Security of a supply chain in broad terms

11:45 Bill Roberts, Research Fellow, Cyrovac / Sealed Air Corporation
"Temperature Sensing RFID: Progress Towards Pallet Tags"

  • Temperature is one of the most important parameters governing the safe shipment of perishable materials
  • Having an on-board temperature tags allows materials shipped on pallets and monitored for proper thermal treatment
  • Tags that will fit many requirements, as well as a justifiable business model, will help bring these tags to widespread acceptance

12:10 Lunch and exhibition visit

Active RFID Implementation & Infrastructure

  • Implementation Examples
  • Software and Networking
  • The Big Picture: Sensing Position & Condition

13:30 Jeff Schaengold, RFID Market Consultant, Siemens Energy and Automation Consulting Product Engineer, RFID and Machine Vision Systems Factory Automation Sensors, Automation and Motion Division, Siemens
"Asset Tracking and Location Beyond the Shop Floor"

  • Active tags reduce the cost of ownership by being reusable and requiring less pervasive infrastructure due to improved ranges
  • Through reader triangulation, known as LRP, active tags will evolve from portal tracking to static locating; such as patients or equipment in hospitals or promotional and perishable products
  • New wireless frameworks to be introduced in 2006, will allow active tag readers to scan and transmit over the same frequency. This innovation will eliminate the tethered network cabling requirements of today

13:55 Tim Cutler, Vice President Marketing and OEM/Industrial Sales, Cirronet
"ZigBee and Active RFID"

  • ZigBee Defined
  • What ZigBee Can and Cannot Do
  • Implementing ZigBee
  • Considerations for Deploying ZigBee

14:20 Ramesh Raskar, Senior Research Scientist, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

"Radio Frequency Identity and Geometry (RFIG) : Photosensing Wireless Tags for Precise Location and Complex Geometric Procedures"

  • Photosensor embedded in RF tag to communicate with optical+RF channels

  • Comparison with other optical-RF hybrid solutions for location sensing

  • Computer vision without camera and geometric applications in Warehouses, Robotics and HCI

  • Future directions in geometry-aware RF tags

14:45 Deva Seetharam, VP, Engineering, Tagsense Inc
"Active Tag Zoo"

  • Comparison of emerging wireless active tag standards
  • Which technology is best (for security, cost, battery-life, etc.) ?
  • Rapid Growth of Zigbee and other IEEE 802.15.4 chips
  • Our experience with RFID deployments using IEEE 802.15.4 tags?

15:10 Break and exhibition visit

15:35 Bertrand A. Dugal, President, Parco Merged Media Corporation, Parco Wireless
"Transforming the Delivery of Healthcare Using Ultra-wide Band Based Real Time Location Systems"

  • Brief History of Ultra-wide Band
  • Comparison with competing technology
  • UWB as a standard for Hospital Grade Wireless
  • Uses and Regulatory Status

16:00 Jie Zhang, Senior Engineer, Printed Electronic Solutions, Motorola
"Printed Electronics Technology for a New Consumer Products Platform"

  • Using printing processes, it is now possible to create increasingly capable flexible components
  • These components, at first, will be simple consumer products
  • As the technology advances, an increasing number of wish list products will become available at low cost

16:25 Jay Cadman, VP Sales and Marketing, Ubisense
"How high accuracy UWB location technology can change your business"

Increasingly businesses in many different industries are discovering the power of location technology. For many organizations multiple location technologies are required to meet their ongoing business requirements. High accuracy is required for a new generation of location enabled applications delivering innovative returns on investment.

  • Where and when is high accuracy location required?
  • How to integrate multiple location technologies to provide a single location solution
  • Case studies of the use of high accuracy location in Work Place, Military, Healthcare and Entertainment

16:50 Dr. Nissim Ozer, CTO and Executive VP, RF-Code
"The Case for Hybrid RFID Solutions"

Scalable asset tracking implementations must include an evolutionary plan to incorporate a variety of appropriate Auto-ID devices. These may include barcode, passive RFID, active RFID, remote sensors, mesh networks, Wi-Fi, RTLS, GPS and cellular solutions. Best-of-breed technologies incorporated into a hybrid RFID architecture will not only fulfill the promise of asset visibility, but they can be combined in an application-specific manner to suit future requirements for cost and functionality.

19:30 Meet the Experts dinner at the Rio Rio Restaurant, San Antonio

 Conference Program: November 16th


Active RFID Technology & Markets 

  • State-of-the-Art Tag Capabilities
  • Protocols & Standards: EPC, WiFi, Zigbee, Longtooth
  • Present & Future Market Opportunities

08:55 Chairman address

09:00 Jim Ferguson, VP Strategic Sales, Axcess Inc.
"How the Physical Security Uses of Active RFID Improve Application Justification"

  • Control point activation of tags including door and gate control adds to the business cases of asset management, vehicle payload management, and personnel tracking.
  • Standalone applications including automatic asset check-in/check-out, asset protection, visitor management, and rolling vehicle access expand the scope and value of RFID implementations
  • Linking together personnel, assets, and vehicles can offer greater visibility and security.

09:30 Roderick S. O'Keefe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, Inc
"Dangerous Threats & Trends Facing Executives"

  • Lowering operational costs and improving visibility of assets
  • Accounting of assets for Sarbanes Oxley
  • Smarter methods for asset tracking
  • One of the best kept secrets of Fortune 100 companies

09:55 Marcus Torchia, Analyst, The Yankee Group

"Campus-based Real-time Location Systems Market"

  • Understanding market segments
  • Competitive overview
  • Strategic directions
  • Growth opportunities
  • Adoption drivers and inhibitors

10:20 Trevor Crotch-Harvey, Sales Director, Innovision Research & Technology
"Second Generation RFID Enabled Cellphones"

  • What is The Killer Application for RFID enabled cellphones?
  • Who benefits?
  • Why is it a killer application?
  • How other applications are enabled through the technology

10:45 Break and exhibition visit

11:10 Wade Guindy, Exec VP Technology & Manufacturing Solicore

"Choosing Embedded Power for your RFID Solution, What you Need to Know"

  • Durability of Batteries
  • Electrical Performance of Batteries
  • Integrating Batteries into the Tag

11:35 Mike Braatz, VP Business Development, PanGo Networks and

Pradeep Gandhi, Director, Business Development, Cisco Systems

"Location-Based Systems: 'A Network Equity'"

Networks are evolving rapidly and becoming an even more essential and powerful element of an organization's IT infrastructure as they continue to be shaped by the following key trends:

  • Location information has become important to customers and application providers. Learn how wireless infrastructure companies are responding by making location an "equity of the network."
  • Enterprise wireless market is growing rapidly and is very competitive.  This session will describe how location based application increase network activity,  while optimizing workflow pocesses.
  • Learn which industries are capitalizing on the power of their Cisco enabled infrastructure while adding intuitive location based technologies to extend enterprise asset visibility.

12:05 Mark McDonald, Director Program Management of Research & Development, Alien Technology 

"Advanced RFID Systems for sensing and security"

Advanced RFID systems offer the potential to offer solutions for a number of unmet needs in sensing and securing military and commercial environments. Legacy communication systems, coupled with emerging EPC RFID implementations, provides the communications infrastructure that can be leveraged with advanced RFID tag designs. This presentation describes the vision of more data rich and intelligent RFID devices, multimode tags capable of communicating in various modes depending on the infrastructure present or power available to the tag.

12:30 David Eckert, CEO, Exavera Technologies Inc
"The Problem with IT? Too Many Wires and No Sense(s)"

  • Consider active RFID as an extension of human sensory abilities
  • Understand how wireless information-delivery systems mobilize these senses
  • Think of business-logic software as a reflection of human decision making
  • Learn how RFID, wireless technology and software unite to untether IT and instill human sense(s)

12:55 Lunch and exhibition visit

Current & Future Technology Platforms 

  • Active RFID Silicon and Supporting Electronics
  • Power: Conventional & Printed Power
  • Sensors & Displays: Active RFID Input and Output
  • Memory & Tracking
  • Advanced Features

14:00 Gary Ramsey, Worldwide Solutions Development Manager, Intel Solution Services
"Leveraging strengths...Healthcare-related Business Solutions"
  • Differentiating aspects of Active RFID technology
  • Business needs of hospitals - that can be served by Active RFID
  • Factors to consider when designing a system for Healthcare use
  • Strategic and tactical - Watching technology trends while selectively deploying quick ROI applications
  • Ensuring future-proof flexibility for hospitals as active RFID matures to include interoperability, wireless mesh (smart dust) networks

14:15 Eitan Avni, Director Business Development, KSW Microtec
Tim Shideler, VP of Marketing and Sales, VI Agents
"How the Perishable Product Cold Value Chain Monitoring, Logistics, and Pedigree Service Works"

  • End-to-End Sensor-enabled Value Network Logistics and Time and Temperature monitoring...
  • Deployment of VarioSens tags
  • Field tests
  • Path forward

14:40 Gidy Weisglass, Director of Sales, Europe, Power Paper
"Case Study of PowerID Battery-Assisted, Passive UHF at Logistics Provider: Performance Superiority over Passive Labels and Rapid ROI"

• Introduction to PowerID Battery-Assisted, Passive UHF Labels
• Discussion of Inventory and Pallet Tracking Trials
• Business case and ROI
• Into the future…

15:05 Mr Leonard Allison, President, Thin Battery Technologies
"Printed Electronics Technology for a New Consumer Products Platform"

15:30 Break and exhibition visit

15:55 Robb Clarke, Professor, Michigan State University
"Challenges of Passive and Active RFID Infrastructure"

  • Compatibility issues with a complex read environment
  • Resolution versus Range, Active Tag Solutions
  • Modeling Tag behavior in a University Environment
  • Future Research Issues for Active RFID and Sensory Networks

16:20 Panel "Smart Active Labels: Use Cases and Market Status"

Each panelist will give a 10 minute presentation followed by discussion and Q&A. The panel will address the basics of Smart Active Label technology, focusing on use cases of how SAL technology is solving problems that passive can't and how the emergence of standards--as driven by SAL-C--is creating opportunity in the market.

Graphic Solutions International, Don Alexander

SAL-C, Baruch Levanon: What are Smart Active Labels?
Power Paper, Gidy Weisglass, Director of Sales: Use case - how SAL technology improved performance
Cyrovac / Sealed Air Corp, Bill Roberts: Use Case
Thin Battery Technologies, Leonard Allison: Technology
Scanology, Richard Rees

17:35 Conference ends

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