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Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015


Electric Vehicles

 Electric Vehicles Keynotes
New EV Components and Smart Materials: Market of over $200 Billion in 2025 - What, Where, Why
Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman
United Kingdom
09:10Daimler AG
Electric Transportation: An Overview Of Road Vehicle, Airplane, Rail And Ship Applications
Dr Joerg Wind, Strategic Energy Projects
Daimler AG
09:35Tata Motors European Technical Centre
Auxiliary Power Units Selection for Range Extended EVs
Mr David Hudson, Group Chief Engineer, Vehicle Engineering & Hybrid
Tata Motors European Technical Centre
United Kingdom
10:00Faradair Aerospace Limited
Bridging the Future via Hybrid Flight
Mr Neil Cloughley, Managing Director
Faradair Aerospace Limited
United Kingdom
11:30IBM Global Services & Institute for Business Value
Automotive 2025: Industry Without Borders
Mr Ben Stanley, Global Automotive Lead
IBM Global Services & Institute for Business Value
United States
11:55Yasa Motors
Electric Vehicle Design Using the Mass-Decompounding Principle
Dr Tim Woolmer, CTO/Founder
Yasa Motors
United Kingdom
12:20Witt Ltd
The WITT - Capturing Energy from Motion (using all six degrees of freedom) for Marine Vessels and Other Energy Harvesting Applications
Mr Nicholas Gill, Corporate Advisor
Witt Ltd
United Kingdom
12:45Libertine FPE
Linear Power Systems Technology for Electric Vehicle Applications
Mr Sam Cockerill, CEO
Libertine FPE
United Kingdom
 Advanced Powertrains
14:30Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles IFEVS
Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles
Mr Pietro Perlo, CEO
Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles IFEVS
14:55UC Davis
Life Cycle Cost of Ownership for PEVs in Real World Driving
Dr Andrew Burke, Research Engineer, Inst. of Transportation Studies
UC Davis
United States
 Fuel Cells
15:20GreenGT Technologies
Fuel Cell: The Best Range Extender
Mr Gerard Planche, Product & Services Manager
GreenGT Technologies
 New Charging Infrastructure
Optimize EV Infrastructure Utilization and Improve Vehicle-grid Integration with PowerHydrant
Mr Kevin Leary, Founder
United States
 New Power Storage: Batteries
Anode-Less Battery - Safe and Ultra-High Energy Density Battery
Dr Qichao Hu PhD, CEO
United States
17:10Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium
Cost-Effective Low Voltage Vehicle Hybridisation using Advanced Lead Carbon Batteries.
Mr Allan Cooper,
Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium
United Kingdom
17:35Day 1 Ends

Wednesday, 29 Apr 2015


Electric Vehicles

Energy Harvesting & Storage

Internet of Things Track 1

 Structural Electronics and 3D PrintingThermoelectric Energy Harvesting 
08:30Local Motors Inc
Co-Creating and 3D Printing Next Generation of Vehicles
Mr Damien Declercq, Executive Vice President EMEA
Local Motors Inc
United States
Energy Harvesting Thermostats and Actuators- from Design to using them in Projects
Mr Hans Symanczik, Sales & Marketing Manager
08:55Safran Microturbo
Application of 3D Printing to the More Electrical Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) System
Mr Frederic Verdeaux, R&T project Manager
Safran Microturbo
Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting; Modules and Systems for Various Applications
Dr Hirokuni Hachiuma, General Manager
Injection-Molded Structural Electronics—Design Opportunities and Adoption Challenges
Mr David Rice, SVP Marketing
United States
Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd
Flexible Aluminum-Nanoceramic Material for TEG Packaging
Dr Pavel Shashkov, CEO
Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd
United Kingdom
09:45Imperial College London (The Composites Centre)
'Massless' Energy - Structural Power Composites
Dr Emile Greenhalgh, Reader in Composite Materials
Imperial College London (The Composites Centre)
United Kingdom
Large Area Transparent Thin Film Thermoelectric Devices for Smart Window and Flexible Applications'
Dr Mazhar Bari, CEO
 New Power Storage: SupercapacitorsNew Materials & Devices for Energy HarvestingSensors for IoT, WT and Contextual Knowledge
11:15UC Davis
Advanced Supercapacitors: Present Status, Prospects for Higher Energy Density, and Vehicle and Stationary Applications
Dr Andrew Burke, Research Engineer, Inst. of Transportation Studies
UC Davis
United States
GE Aviation Systems - Newmarket
Assessment of MEMS Vibration Energy Harvesting for High Temperature Sensing Applications
Mr Steve Riches, Business Development
GE Aviation Systems - Newmarket
United Kingdom
Announcing BeanIoT™ - Defining Form, Fit and Function of IoT Leaf-Nodes
Mr Andrew Holland, Managing Director
United Kingdom
11:40Nesscap Energy GmbH
New Generation of Ultracapacitors for Automotive
Juergen Auer, Managing Director &VP EMEA Sales & Biz Development
Nesscap Energy GmbH
Fraunhofer IZM
A Novel Capacitive Energy Harvesting Concept
Dr Robert Hahn, Head of Micro Energy Systems Group
Fraunhofer IZM
Fraunhofer FOKUS
The Open Platforms as Key Enabler for Developing IoT Applications
Dr Adel Al-Hezmi, ICT Senior Solutions Architect
Fraunhofer FOKUS
Holistic Design for Electric Vehicle Range Extension: How New Energy Storage and Harvesting can do the Job
Mr Franco Gonzalez, Senior Technology Analyst
United Kingdom
University of Bolton
Smart Functional Materials for Energy Harvesting: from Laboratory to Commercialisation
Prof Elias Siores, Director
University of Bolton
United Kingdom
DecaWave / Agilion
Micro-Location - The value of Answering to the "Where" Question
Mr Luc Darmon, VP of Strategy and Business Development
DecaWave / Agilion
12:30Poznan University of Technology
Supercapacitors in Aqueous Electrolyte Reaching the Performance of Organic Electrolyte-Based Systems
Ms Elzbieta Frackowiak,
Poznan University of Technology
Energy Harvesting: RMT Components, Solutions, Developments
Mr Gennadi Gromov, Founder & General Manager
Infineon Technologies Austria AG
Security for Future Smart-Home IoT Networks - Easy to use
Dr Rainer Matischek, Staff Engineer System Engineering
Infineon Technologies Austria AG
 Autonomous / Connected VehiclesEnergy Harvesting Case Studies 
Connected Car Concepts
Mr Markus Dillinger, Director for Industry Communications in Smart Grid
Shell Brands International /Pavegen
Re imagining our Energy Future by Creating a Lasting Community Impact
Malena Cutuli, Head of Brand and Communications
Shell Brands International /Pavegen
14:55Freie Universitaet Berlin
Riding in the Car of the Future
Dr Daniel Goehring, AG Intelligent Systems and Robotics
Freie Universitaet Berlin
TRW Conekt
A Novel Sensor to Monitor Railway Earthworks - Energy Harvesting Case Study
Mr Roger J Hazelden, Technology Leader, Sensors & Optoelectronics
TRW Conekt
United Kingdom
  Energy Harvesting Powered Products 
Connected Car" and "Internet Of Things" Converging Platforms and New Business Opportunities....
Holger Weiss, CEO
Vacuum Technology Enabling the IoT World
Dr Koukou Suu, General Manager
15:45MIRA Ltd
The Growing Influence and Future Impact of Intelligent and Connected Technologies
Mr Chris Reeves, Commercial Manager
United Kingdom
Pavegen Systems ltd
Man vs Machine: Scaling Footfall Harvesting for Smart Cities of the Future
Mr Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO
Pavegen Systems ltd
United Kingdom
  Wireless Power 
16:40 WiTricity Corporation
Wireless Power over Distance: From milliwatts to Kilowatts
Mr Peter Wambsganss, Director of Business Development - Europe Region
WiTricity Corporation
  Power Management Developments for Energy Harvesting 
17:05 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
Connected Sensing for Productivity Leap with IoT
Prof Jukka Hast, Research Professor
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
17:30 ZHAW
LEDs as Cost Effective Energy Harvesters for IoT Sensor Nodes
Prof Marcel Meli, Lecturer
18:20 Day 2 Ends 

Wednesday April 29, 2015

3D Printed Electronics (11:15 - 14:30)

11:15 - 11:40 "Micrometer-scale 3D Printing with Aerosol Jet"
1. UV light exposure during the printing can substantially cure polymeric materials in-flight and complete the cure immediately on impact.
2. This nearly instantaneous curing allows structures to be built up in three dimensions.
3. Aspect ratios of more than 20:1 are achieved with micrometer-scale posts, cylinders, and cones.
4. With robotic manipulation of the print head and target substrate, the 3D features can be fabricated in nearly any orientation including the fabrication of hollow structures such as microbubbles.
5. Co-depositing electronic and polymeric materials can be used to fabricate hybrid structures.
11:40 - 12:05 "3D Printed Electronics - Applications and Production Technology"
This presentation outlines 3D Printed Electronics produced using the Aerosol Jet process. The current status for adding electronics functionality from 3D circuits, sensors and antenna through to future applications such as packaging and memory will be reviewed. The state-of-the-art related to production equipment and scalability in mass manufacture will be presented.
12:05 - 12:30 "Printed Circuit Boards, a Hacker's Analysis"
Printed circuit boards have been around since the 1920's and have evolved to become a well know solution to the component interconnection problem. Different actors influenced the evolution of PCBs including scientists and engineers, and, as with most technologies, hacking played a major role. As the additive processes to build printed circuit boards make their way into the consumer market and the promises of low-cost and ultra-quick turnaround becomes fulfilled, an interesting range of possibilities are at hand for hackers to re-invent our world. In this presentation we'll present some of the new possibilities of 3D printed circuits given its flexible, light-weight and disposable properties. Some challenges for this new type of boards will be discussed at the end of the presentation.
12:30 - 12:55 "3D Functional Inkjet Printer as a Manufacturing Platform for PCB Solder Mask and Legend Direct Deposition"
Solder mask direct deposition on a 3D multicomponent surfaces by Ink jet technology requires overcoming two significant technological gaps -
1. A Formulation meeting both PCB industry requirements (finishing lines, assembly lines, etc.) & Ink jet technology requirements (reliability, jettability, print quality issues).
2. Direct deposition of a single liquid on a multi component surface (hydrophilic & hydrophobic) while controlling dot size, in order to achieve high printing quality.
The presentation will describe the benefits of Gryphon 3D functional inkjet printer for PCB manufacturers, assemblers and end users by overcoming the challenges imposed by traditional solder mask process.
12:55 Lunch