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Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing

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The event "Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing" will showcase the advances made and planned by researchers and vehicle makers for land, water and air vehicles. This year we showcase the big new move to integration in place of components-in-a-box. Think in-mold electronics, electronic 3D printing, smart skin. Add new systems such as sensor fusion, multiple energy harvesting, in-wheel systems, fast inductive charging.

What to expect

Uniquely, this event looks at how everything will change in an electric vehicle. Disruptive new mechanical, electrical and electronic systems will arrive for an ever widening variety of electric vehicles - 400kW mining and underwater giants to swarming electric flies. Winners penetrate more sectors. Innovation is benchmarked wherever it happens first. For instance, thermoelectrics and energy harvesting shock absorbers will soon appear first in many large vehicles - military to commercial.

Economy of scale with components and smart materials will be achieved by realising, for example, that e-cars, e-vacuum cleaners and e-lawn mowers will all drive themselves using the new sensor fusion. Bodywork of carbon fiber will become structural electronics storing energy, and incorporating printed wiring, embedded sensors and human interfaces - rich new pickings for chemicals and intermediate materials suppliers.

It is all here, with emphasis on the 15 year roadmap.

Feedback from past attendees:

I very much like your meetings, especially because you comprise exciting presentations from very different development fields in a single event.
Bosch Engineering GmbH

End-user experience and case studies

Presentations will be delivered by leading innovators from across land, water and air vehicles and their technologies.

  • Radically new materials, components and systems trialling and planned - case studies
  • Unmet needs - important materials and components needed by vehicle companies to enable their goals
  • New Components


    - Sensors - supercapacitors - batteries - harvesters
    - telematics - power
    - electronics - smart windows etc.

    Road map for SiC & GaN power - new motors
    - planned quantum dot devices - harvesting windows and the many new range extenders - not just fuel cells.

    New Materials


    - Graphene - carbon
    nanotubes - self-healing
    - polymers - stretchable and transparent electronics
    - composites - heat management materials
    - routes to >40% efficient PV etc.

    New Vehicle Systems


    - Autonomous vehicles
    - connected vehicles
    - robotics
    - in-wheel systems
    - 48V & 700V systems
    - inductive fast charging etc.

    What past attendees have said

    "I was very impressed by their professionalism and expert execution of the conference"

    Ed Benjamin

    "The event was wonderful and I learned a lot!"


    "This was an excellent conference"

    IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

    "Good event. Lots of smart ideas and presentations"

    Ford Motor Co

    "I think you did a great job of pulling together people who do not normally cross paths at other conferences"

    AFS Trinity

    "Variety of speakers across the different areas of subject matter made this conference well rounded"

    Trust Automation Inc

    "Interesting conference and mix between industry and academia"

    Eindhoven University of Technology

    "It is a good mix and will be difficult to better"

    KleenSpeed Technologies

    "I enjoyed it very much"

    KillaCycle Racing

    Event highlights

    World first announcements





    Hear from leading global organisations with new announcements.


    The co-located tradeshow runs alongside the conference tracks and takes place on 28 & 29 April It will showcase over 150 exhibiting companies from around the world.


    Have your questions answered by industry experts in interactive consultancy-style sessions which will bring you up to date with the topics.

    Co-located Events


    Company Visits


    Supercapacitors 2015

    Attendees can access all the conference track and co-located tradeshow.


    Berlin is one of the most important technology hubs in Europe and we are delighted to be able to offer company visits to some leading companies in this region.


    Bridging the gap between capacitors and batteries, supercapacitors deliver high power and energy densities increasingly closer to rechargeable batteries. From instant flashlight power in mobile phones to instant acceleration power, fast charging and fast regenerative braking in electric vehicles to temporary energy sources in applications where immediate power availability may be difficult such as UPS systems. Hear how they are substituting and supplementing the functions of rechargeable batteries.

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