Riding in the Car of the Future (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing)

Dr Daniel Goehring, AG Intelligent Systems and Robotics
Freie Universitaet Berlin
Apr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - Freie Universitaet Berlin*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - Freie Universitaet Berlin*

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Presentation Summary

The idea of self-driving cars goes back to the beginning of the last century. But it never received as much attention as nowadays. The technological advancement of computational power, storage capabilities and miniaturization of sensors allowed the development of sophisticated algorithms necessary to have self-driving cars. Still, many questions are still open, on the technical, ethical and legal side.

Speaker Biography (Daniel Goehring)

Prof. Göhring is on the faculty of the Computer Science Department at Freie Universität Berlin.
His research focuses on robotic perception, self-localization and planning.
Starting as an undergrad in the field of robotics in 2002 and later as a PhD student at Humboldt-Universtität Berlin, he focused on cooperative perception. During his two year research as a PostDoc at the ICSI at Berkeley, California, USA, he applied vision based machine learning approaches on robot platforms.
Since 2010 - being part of one of the first self-driving car projects in Germany - he is working in the field of autonomous driving at the Freie Universität Berlin.

Company Profile (Freie Universitaet Berlin)

Freie Universitaet Berlin logo
Founded in 1948 and located in the South-East of Berlin, the Freie Universität Berlin counts more than 30000 students and approx. 5000 employees.
It is one of the leading research institutions in the field of autonomous driving and mobile robotics in Germany. Started by Prof. Raúl Rojas in 2006, the autonomous vehicle project is part of the Dahlem Center of Machine Learning and Robotics (DCMLR) and part of the Computer Science department. It allows Postdoctoral researchers, PhD-students and undergraduates to work side by side and to learn from one another.
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