3D Functional Inkjet Printer as a Manufacturing Platform for PCB Solder Mask and Legend Direct Deposition (3D Printing Europe 2015)

Dr Eliane Liraz, Materials R&D Manager
Apr 29, 2015.

Presentation Summary

Solder mask direct deposition on a 3D multicomponent surfaces by Ink jet technology requires overcoming two significant technological gaps -
1. A Formulation meeting both PCB industry requirements (finishing lines, assembly lines, etc.) & Ink jet technology requirements (reliability, jettability, print quality issues).
2. Direct deposition of a single liquid on a multi component surface (hydrophilic & hydrophobic) while controlling dot size, in order to achieve high printing quality.
The presentation will describe the benefits of Gryphon 3D functional inkjet printer for PCB manufacturers, assemblers and end users by overcoming the challenges imposed by traditional solder mask process.

Speaker Biography (Eliane Liraz)

Dr. Eliane Liraz holds Ph.D. in Physical-Organic Chemistry from Tel-Aviv University and has over 12 years of experience in printing industry, in companies such as Scitex Vision, DIP Tech. Prior joining Camtek, Dr. Liraz held several management positions leading inkjet printing R&D materials teams, pharmaceutical industrial research of drug delivery systems.

Company Profile (Camtek)

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Camtek provides automated solutions dedicated for enhancing production processes and yield in three industries: Semiconductors, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and High Density Interconnect Substrates.
Camtek addresses the specific needs of these interconnected industries with dedicated solutions based on an advanced platform of technologies including intelligent imaging, image processing, sample preparation and 3D Functional Inkjet Technology. Camtek's solutions range from micro-to-nano by applying its technologies to the industry-specific requirements.
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