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ost major breakthroughs in design and technology appear in other electric vehicles before they appear in cars. Whether by land, sea or air, electric vehicles need motors, controls, batteries and often supercapacitors plus advanced structural composites. Just over 1.6 million electric cars will be sold worldwide this year, including hybrids. But the total number of all types of EVs sold will be much greater - reaching over 39 million. In terms of units sold, that will mostly be e-bikes and vehicles for the disabled, but industrial/commercial vehicles will have four times their market value. Serious players must look at all of this - and IDTechEx now makes this possible.

New exhibitors inc: SaturnaGreenSystems, ElectronVault, VeloMini & Tommy Bahama
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Who should attend and why?

  • Electric vehicle manufacturers to diversify and make vehicles for many uses
  • Components and subsystem suppliers to make their products available for as many vehicles as possible for land, sea and air
  • Electricity suppliers, regulators, analysts and investment experts to assess the whole market while others miss most of these aspects
  • Companies who want to learn more about the total global market including, challenges, opportunities and the latest technologies now and in the future for ALL EVs and their parts


March 27-28, 2012

  Meet ALL your potential customers at one event.

Make new contacts, broaden your business and learn of the huge opportunities for cross fertilization of technologies for ELECTRIC on road/off road vehicles, marine vehicles and aircraft.


Hear over 40 speakers, some presenting exclusively for the first time covering:
  • Motors
  • Batteries
  • Range extenders
  • Controls
  • Energy harvesting
  • Printed electronics and electrics
  • Future breakthroughs
  • Charging infrastructure – including the rise of     contactless
  • Appraisal of the global market of all EVs beyond cars
  • Infrastructure
  • Super Grid
  • Investment opportunities
  • Asia’s leading role in the industry
  • New business opportunities – explore a broader     customer base
  • Market size, analysis, roadmaps – benchmark best     practice across all EVs

    March 27-28, 2012

      Companies exhibiting include:

  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Component & subsystem manufacturers /suppliers
  • Academics
  • Solution providers

    BMW Group
    German E CARS

    E Wolf

    Solar Water World

    Hawkes Ocean Sport

    Future Transport Systems
    DHBW Engineering
    Solar Gard
    IN-Core Systems
    ELV motors
    KleenSpeed Technologies
    Levant Power
    Currie Technologies

    March 26 and 29, 2012

      Meet the experts...

    Have all your questions answered at our interactive masterclasses, intended for audience participation and discussion - effectively interactive consultancy sessions, providing impartial analysis and comment

    • Electric Vehicle Needs, Markets, Solutions - Land, Sea & Air
    • Introduction to Electric Vehicle Technologies
    • Energy Storage Solutions for Electric Vehicles
    • Energy Harvesting and Wireless Sensors
      for Electric Vehicles
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
      and Smart Grid


    Tours will be arranged to local organisations who will share their expertise in the EV industry

    March 27, 2012

      Are you innovators in your industry?

    The prestigious IDTechEx Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Awards recognize invention, design and commercial success. Winners for each of the following category will be announced at the Gala Awards Dinner.

  • Imaginative Vehicles
  • New Vehicle Application
  • New Component or Material Technology
  • Advancement of Infrastructure

    More about the topics:

  • The global picture of the electric vehicle and parts market
  • The event will include the growth of the markets for all forms of electric vehicles over the next decade. Hear how savvy component supplies are finding high margin niches and even helping to create new forms of hybrid and pure electric vehicles. Hear the opportunities for new materials and smart body work based on printed electronics and electrics and self-powered sensors. Energy harvesting options ranging from solar cells on the whole vehicle to shock absorbers and thermoelectric harvesting from the engine and exhaust in hybrids will be covered. We will assess energy harvesting and management solutions of the future and third generation batteries, super-capacitors and other storage devices.

  • A global approach: East Asia's leading role in the industry
  • India and Korea are moving fast in the EV market. Japan is leader. China has the largest potential market for electric vehicles - it holds 66% of the manufacturers of electric vehicles. Over 90% of the world's electric vehicles are made in China, mainly for use in China. It mines and controls 95% of the world's rare earth reserves used in the hybrid car batteries, motors and other key components of today's electric vehicles. Find out what's happening in East Asia and hear about who the main players are in the different industry sectors.

  • Electric vehicles markets and opportunities:
  • Attend presentations from companies that have successfully created new markets. Tap into the massive opportunities and find out more about the commercial and technical barriers and how to overcome them.

  • Infrastructure
  • The demand for electric vehicle charging stations will sextuple in the next decade to reach over $4 billion for charging station hardware. Those seeking the largest possible business, supplying charging stations must prioritise installation of residential car charging stations. Those seeking high margin niche applications will find plenty of opportunity elsewhere, notably in industrial, commercial including buses and military and marine applications. However, this market peaks in value in 2017 - find out why at Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air.

    What past attendees have said

    "I was very impressed by their professionalism and expert execution of the conference"

    Ed Benjamin

    "The event was wonderful and I learned a lot!"


    "This was an excellent conference"

    IEEE Vehicular Technology Society

    "Good event. Lots of smart ideas and presentations"

    Ford Motor Co

    "I think you did a great job of pulling together people who do not normally cross paths at other conferences"

    AFS Trinity

    "Variety of speakers across the different areas of subject matter made this conference well rounded"

    Trust Automation Inc

    "Interesting conference and mix between industry and academia"

    Eindhoven University of Technology

    "It is a good mix and will be difficult to better"

    KleenSpeed Technologies

    "I enjoyed it very much"

    KillaCycle Racing

  • Investment opportunities
  • Find out about investment opportunities and perspectives; routes to fund raising and expected returns for Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air. This event will bring together leading companies from the investor community.


    Previous exhibitors include:


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