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Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2012 Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2012
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Media Partners

Association Partner
Wi-Fi Alliance
Wi-Fi Alliance® is the worldwide network of companies that brings you Wi-Fi®. Members of our collaboration forum come together from across the Wi-Fi ecosystem with the shared vision to connect everyone and everything, everywhere, while providing the best possible user experience. Since 2000, Wi-Fi Alliance has certified more than 30,000 Wi-Fi products. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ seal of approval designates products with proven interoperability, backward compatibility, and the highest industry-standard security protections in place. Today, Wi-Fi carries more than half of the internet's traffic in an ever-expanding variety of applications. Wi-Fi Alliance continues to drive the adoption and evolution of Wi-Fi, which billions of people rely on every day.
Media Partner
EEWeb is a premier electrical engineering community for hardware designers. Members of EEWeb can document their projects, start a technical blog, network with other community members, and participate in online technical discussions. EEWeb also provides a full-featured jobs board and events board that's focused on the areas of semiconductor and electronics design. Benefits of EEWeb include:
  • Latest Electronics Design News
  • Online Engineering Design Tools
  • Ability to Publish Articles and Projects
  • Collaborate with Engineering Professionals
  • Browse Engineering Jobs and Events
Become a member of EEWeb today and join the web's premier electrical engineering community.
Electronics World
Electronics World is a technical engineering magazine aimed at professional electronic design engineers. Its content and style require readers to have formal training in electronics, either to a graduate or technician level.
The editorial of Electronics World covers the full range of electronic industry activities including:
technology, systems, components, design tools and instrumentation. It encompasses from hardware through to software and, design through to product implementation.
The purpose of Electronics World is to inform, educate, advise and entertain by supplying readers with sufficient engineering detail to enable them to understand developments in the electronics industry as the route to of their design problem solutions.
Electronics World is available to purchase via our website www.electronicsworld.co.uk External Link in either print/digital format. You can also sign up to receive our weekly e-newsletter for the latest information.
Off Grid Energy Independence
Off Grid Energy Independence provides you with a free daily update of the latest industry developments. This free portal covers progress of distributed energy and off grid energy harvesting in all its forms.
Hosted and written by IDTechEx, a leading analyst and event organiser on off grid energy independence and related technologies, articles provide commentary, analysis and give a balanced view of the subject. You can opt-in for an email to be sent to you every Thursday listing the new articles posted in the previous week. We aim to make this service your most valuable tool for keeping up to date with the off grid industry.
We seek your input - company progress, press releases, case studies and developments, which in turn we will feature as future articles. Please forward these to us - email Tessa Henderson at tessa@idtechex.com.
Energy Harvesting Network
The Energy Harvesting Network brings together the energy harvesting community in Europe to explore applications and new directions for research. This network, funded by the UK's EPSRC, has a primary aim of defining new research challenges that will help to deliver on the potential of energy harvesting. It will catalyse the creation of new multidisciplinary teams to bid for funding and address these challenges. It also has an event and communications programme to ensure that the advances in the science and the developments of the technology are more widely disseminated particularly to the potential end-user communities.
ENF is a fast-growing renewable energy information company. Our company has the world's most popular website for information about companies in the photovoltaic industry. We have two value-added core activities: industry directory - providing a PV company database with more than 23,000 PV companies; product directory - providing a PV product database with more than 35,500 PV products, including solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, cells, EVA and backsheet. All these make ENF a true PV industry resource, with each service expanding in as many as 8 languages.
EnOcean Alliance
EnOcean GmbH is the developer of the patented energy harvesting wireless technology marketed under the Dolphin brand.
Headquartered in Oberhaching, near Munich, the company produces and markets self-powered wireless sensor solutions for batteryless applications in the Internet of Things, which are used for building and industrial automation, smart homes and LED light control.
Extension Media EECatalog
The Extension Media EECatalog network at www.eecatalog.com delivers in-depth coverage of products, technologies and solutions across 25 high-technology communities focused on processor architectures, operating systems, bus structures/interfaces and vertical market applications including military/aerospace, medical electronics design, transportation systems, smart energy, low power, multimedia, wireless and smart phone. Extension Media is also publisher of Embedded Intel® Solutions and www.embeddedintel.com - the independent resource for essential product, technology and design information and solutions for engineers and embedded developers utilizing Intel® Embedded Processors.
Global Information, Inc. (GII)
Global Information, Inc. is an information service company holding offices in 6 countries and have sales agency contracts with over 250 research companies around the world, who sell 30,000 market research reports published by these companies and accept custom-made researches.
Going To Meet
GoingToMeet.com is a database of relevant events around the world. It maintains a wide list of interests ranging from science, culture, technology, race, religion, and many others. Along with its easy-to-use search engine, it also serves as a one-stop-website to knowing the most important details in every event.
Low Carbon Economy
The Low Carbon Economy is a central resource for the low carbon economy, connecting people and businesses with low carbon products and services, information, initiatives, and each other.
We created The Low Carbon Economy in 2006 to capitalise on everything we have learned over the years at Fuel Cell Markets, and to apply our unique knowledge, resources and experience towards assisting the development of a low carbon economy as a whole.
Our unique drive and resources have enabled us to create an exceptional company uniquely positioned to deliver a truly useful online resource which has the potential to help millions of people and businesses across the globe.
NanoExpress News
About NanoExpress
NanoExpress is a monthly publication that provides information on technological advances, applications, and business news to technologists, scientists and nanotechnology professionals across the globe. Working directly with scientists and experts who provide commentary and input regarding nanotechnology and its immediate applications and progress, NanoExpress is the only e-magazine that avoids the futuristic perspective employed by many publications in favor of a down-to-earth approach to topics like the commercialization of nanotechnology, business applications, and wealth creation. NanoExpress has an exclusive agreement with EExpress, a bi-monthly Japanese print publication dedicated to sophisticated technologies, and is an affiliate of Nanoparticles Applications Center, a center within The Institute for Environmental and Industrial Science (IEIS) at Texas State University.
Twitter: @NanoExpressNews
New Energy World Network
Our mission is to inform and connect the global green investment and sustainable business community in order to facilitate investment in innovation and promote sustainable business opportunities. We achieve this by connecting investors, innovators, business leaders, deal-makers and industry influencers via essential news and intelligence services and via industry-leading summits and networking events.
Pack & Plast TechMedia A/S (Sweden)
Inspiration to the packaging industry is our motto. Our aim is to provide good case stories to the packaging industry, in order to bring new ideas to our readers. We have the largest distribution on the Scandinavian packaging market and we work together with our Danish colleagues.
The editorial objective is to provide the Swedish packaging market with news, background and perspective in relation to components, instruments and equipment among other subjects relevant to the industry.
Renewable Energy Database
Renewable Energy Database based in Berlin, Germany, was created in 2008 and has developed into one of the major global directories promoting companies and events dealing with renewable energy. It also plays a vital role in the global transfer of information about the latest developments in the area of renewable energy. By presenting companies and organizations dealing with sustainable development it helps to stimulate networking between actors active in the same area. This facilitates the exchange of information and cooperation on projects dealing with green energy.
The Electronics, Sensors, Photonics (ESP) KTN is a Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) funded by the UK Government through the Technology Strategy Board.
Electronics, sensors, photonics, plastic electronics, embedded systems, displays, lighting, instrumentation, control systems, optics, roboticsŠ it¹s all here.
ESP KTN groups a range of underpinning technologies together to make a single entity focused on knowledge sharing for business growth. It supports its technology communities and reaches out to bring together people that wouldn¹t usually meet from different sectors, academia and research. ESP KTN helps them consider new business opportunities and new technologies and companies apply these into their own business.
With over 10,000 members, ESP KTN helps business leaders to form new partnerships to help their organisations grow faster. It aims to help its members discover and adopt new technologies, share knowledge and innovations and tackle the future societal and economic challenges in a way that will create business growth.
Ukrainian Biofuel Portal
Ukrainian Biofuel Portal is an international B2B platform on biofuel and
biomass trade. Companies of renewable energy sector promote their products and services.
Ukrainian Biofuel Portal is an active supporter of alternative energy and waste recycling events.
Wireless Magazine
Wireless is the bi-monthly magazine, featuring incisive, in-depth editorial on all key mobile technologies/solutions whilst providing relevant case studies within key vertical markets. Supported by industry and end user interviews, the publication, accompanying web-site and e-newsletters provides a forum for technology vendors to excite and inform their customers on what can be achieved with their systems and products.
Visit www.wireless-mag.com to take advantage of the limited free subscription offer.
The trade journal e:tek is published six times a year since 2012, It is emanated from the special issues "Erneuerbare Energien" of the SPS Magazin, one of the leading magazines for automation industry in Germany with more than 20 years of experience.
The e:tek mainly focuses on electrical engineering and automatisation in following topics: wind energy, photovoltaics, solar heat, biomass, geothermal energy, hydraulic energy and electric mobility Consequently the e:tek deals with all kinds of renewable energies. It refers to designers, constructing engineers, raisers and operators of energy production facilities in these category groups.