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Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2012 Energy Harvesting & Storage Europe 2012
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Academic Poster Session

There will be a
'Best Poster Session' award with a post-conference article in our online journal EnergyHarvestingJournal.com

For further details, please email c.jennings@IDTechEx.com?subject='Poster Session'
or sign up at www.IDTechEx.com/ehEurope


Poster session applicants must be teaching or studying full-time; more than one academic can submit a poster but each must pay the academic rate of €299 to attend and present their research. If you have any queries regarding the criteria please contact Corinne Jennings at c.jennings@IDTechEx.com

Submission of Abstracts

If you are interested in displaying a poster at the event please email Corinne Jennings at c.jennings@IDTechEx.com with your contact details, a title and brief abstract by Tuesday 1 May 2012. If your submission is successful we will email you with details on the poster session and guidelines for producing your poster.

Conference Access

Poster session authors will also gain access to:
» The two day conference covering vertical end-user markets and all the technologies
» The Energy Harvesting and Storage and Wireless Sensor Networks exhibition
» Interactive Masterclasses (for a small, additional cost)
» Tours to local companies (this is on a first-come first-served basis)
A designated poster area will form part of the Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012 and Wireless Sensor Networks & RTLS Summit exhibition on 15-16 May 2012. Academics will be able to showcase their latest research and present it to the RFID industry and fellow academics.

All Poster Session Presentations - Package

Academic poster sessions confirmed for 2012

Alex Yakovlev and Reza Ramezani, Newcastle University, UK

"Reference Free Voltage Sensing Using an Asynchronous Charge-to-Digital Converter"

Rihards Barkan, Senior Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Ireland

"Wireless Sensor Network for High Precision Ambient Temperature Measurement"

Jens Eliasson, Assistant Professor in Industrial Electronics,
EISLAB, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

"PCB Integration of Dye-sensitised Solar Cells for Low-cost Networked Embedded Systems"  

Dr. Alexandra Buchsteiner, Head of Innovation Lab "Super-Kon",
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg Interdisziplinäres Zentrum
für Materialwissenschaften Nanotechnikum, Germany

"Super-Kon": Novel Capacitors for Energy Storage  

Zdenek Ancik, Ph.D. student, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

"Research of Brno University of Technology in Branches of TEG and Energy Harvesting from Vibration"

Waleed Al-Ashtari, Matthias Hunstig, Tobias Hemsel, Walter Sextro,
University of Paderborn, Mechatronics and Dynamics, Germany

"Implementation of an autonomous temperature sensor demonstrating load- and excitation-dependent design of magnetically tuned piezoelectric harvesters"

Marise Bafleur and Jean-Marie Dilhac, LAAS-CNRS, France

"Energy Generation in Aeronautics for Batteryless Wireless Sensor Networks"

Michal Lubieniecki, Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza, Poland

"Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting in Power Microturbine Applications. Review and Findings of the Project under Innovative Economy Programme no. POIG.01.03.01-00-027/08"

J.Blums, G.Terlecka, I.Gornevs, A.Vilumsone, Institute of Technical Physics,
Riga Technical University, Latvia

"Flat inductors for energy harvesting"

Denis Dondi, Alessandro Bertacchini, Stefano Scorcioni and Luca Larcher,
Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy

"An Autonomous Wireless Sensor Network System to Enhance Safety in Vehicles with Implement or Trailer"

Yannick Verbelen, Dept. of Industrial Sciences and Technology, Erasmus
University College, Brussels

"Ambient Energy Powered Smart Meters"

A. Giuliano and V. Marsic, M. Zhu, M. Pozzi, A. Canziani, S. Williams,
Manufacturing and Materials Department - School of Applied Sciences,
Cranfield University, UK

"Self-powered Wireless Sensor nodes for SHM"

Anneleen Van Nieuwenhuyse, KAHO St-Lieven, Engeneering Technology -
Electronics, The Netherlands

"Angle of Arrival localisation for RF Sensor Networks"

Steven De Lausnay, KU Leuven, ESAT and KAHO Sint-Lieven, Department
of Electronics, Belgium

"Research of Visible Light Communication for Indoor Localization"

Bottazzi Marco, Natali Federico, Micheletti Giancarlo, Savioli Enrico,

"Ultra-Low Power Passive RFID Tags Localization and Tracking in UWB Backscattering Systems"

Ben Allen, Tahmina Ajmal, David Jazani, University of Bedfordshire,
Centre for Wireless Research, UK

"Ambient RF Energy Harvesting System"

Matthias Flieger, Christian Schmidt - University of Applied Sciences in
Saarbruecken, Germany

"RFID Energy Harvesting. Telemetry Solutions for Smart Logistics"