Photovoltaics Europe 2009
Photovoltaics Europe 2009
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Printed Electronics Europe Awards 2009


The winner will be announced at the Gala Dinner.


IDTechEx Printed Electronics Awards recognize company innovation, success and development, bringing together companies from around the world.


If you would like your company to be recognized for outstanding achievements in the following categories simply follow the entry instructions. Any company operating within the printed or partially printed, organic or thin film electronics and photovoltaics market is welcome to apply.


The categories are as follows:


1. Technical Development Materials Award
This award will be given to the most significant technical development over the last 24 months (August 2007- August 2009) in the field of material development.


2. Technical Development Manufacturing Award
This award will be given to the most significant development of a manufacturing device, process or production plant in the industry over the last 24 months (August 2007- August 2009).


3. Product Development Award
This award will be given to a company who has launched a new product based on printed electronics and thin film photovoltaics and is in the process of bringing it to market. The category will be assessed on the technical development of the product, its potential market, and benefits it brings over alternatives.


4. Best Commercialization Award
This is the award given to an actual commercial success with an end product using printed electronics and thin film photovoltaics. Judges will look for success in terms of products sold and revenues generated.


5. Academic R&D Award.
Academic R&D award can be entered by any university or other academic research organization working on any aspect of printed electronics and thin film photovoltaics. This new award will be given to the group that the judges deem to have made the most significant developments in the sector, and is a superb way for your team to gain global recognition of their efforts


The panel is made up of independent experts. Submissions should not contain confidential data. Companies that apply will not be named. The winner will be notified in advance and will be presented with the award at the dinner.



The independent panel of judges:

Peter Harrop  Professor Iain McCullockProf. Dr. Reinhard R. BaumannPeter Harrop


Recognizing Innovation. Success. Development.


Why submit your company?

The winner of the Technical Development Manufacturing Award at Printed Electronics USA 2007 says

"It was an honor to be recognized by IDTechEx as an award recipient in the field of Printed Electronics. They are the established thought leader in this emerging market, and their award served to herald the introduction of Optomec's printing solution as a competitive and enabling production technology for printed electronics."

David Ramahi,CEO / President, Optomec


The winner of the Technical Development Device Award at Printed Electronics USA 2007 says

"IDTechEx has been a great information source and rallying point that has followed the growth of the printed electronics field closely. Add-Vision is proud to have its technology progress towards bringing printed organic electronics to enabling products recognized by IDTechEx. We also continue to benefit from the cross cut of suppliers, investors, technology providers and product developers we interact with at IDTechEx events."

J. Devin MacKenzie, Chief Technical Officer
Add-Vision, Inc


The winner of the Product Electronics Champion Award at Printed Electronics USA 2007 says

"Being chosen as the Printed Electronics Champion was an honor for all of us at Plextronics. Our mission is to create, develop and bring to market the products and technology that define the printed electronics industry, and to be recognized for those efforts by IDTechEx was one of the highlights of 2007."

Andy Hannah, CEO - Plextronics


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