Photovoltaics Europe 2009
Photovoltaics Europe 2009
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7th - 8th April 2009 | Dresden, Germany

Organic, Inorganic, Flexible, Printed: solar innovation, new markets

On 7th - 8th April 2009, IDTechEx held Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon in Dresden, the vibrant technology capital of Saxony.
Attend to hear:
Recent developments, cutting edge technologies, research and design efforts will be presented with special focus on innovative photovoltaics, away from conventional silicon platforms.

These technologies will include:

  • CIGS
  • CdTe
  • Organic Photovoltaics
  • Hybrid PV- DSSCs
  • Concentrator technologies
Key Speakers
Other topics covered include:
  • End-user implementations: Solar adoption in industries such as construction, automotive, energy providers.
  • Materials development- Manufacturing processes: Increasing lifetime of solar cells, high efficiency materials, development of flexible high barrier films
  • Component Integration: Solar powered devices, deposition of successive layers with different functionalities
  • Market Analysis: Prospects, opportunities, scope for growth

IDTechEx will be exploring Photovoltaics Beyond Conventional Silicon in Dresden on April 7-8 2009. The event is co-located with Europe's largest show on printed electronics - Printed Electronics Europe 2009.
Key Speakers
IDTechEx Photovoltaics: Beyond Conventional Silicon Europe 2009 includes:
by speakers both from industry and from leading research institutes
Led by industry and academic experts these seminars are designed to enhance your knowledge in photovoltaics and related technologies.
Visiting company facilities in the Dresden area in Germany, providing further insight into the latest developments in photovoltaics.
Companies from around the world will demonstrate their products and services and provide an excellent networking opportunity for all delegates.

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Photovoltaics "Beyond Conventional Silicon" Europe - Focusing on flexible, printed, organic & inorganic technologies. Innovative solutions that open up immense new markets.

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