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Latest Printed Electronics News & Analysis from IDTechEx

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IDUN Technologies
IDUN Technologies is developing neural interface technology, using in-ear EEG. Tess Skyrme, Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, interviewed CEO, Simon Bachmann.
alt="Advanced Semiconductor Packaging: Trends and Growth Drivers"
Advanced Semiconductor Packaging: Trends and Growth Drivers
Advanced semiconductor packaging technologies are crucial due to the slowing of Moore's law and rising costs of monolithic Si IC development and manufacturing. Initially, components were individually packaged and integrated at the PCB board level, but as devices become smaller and require higher processing capabilities, component integration needs to be pushed beyond board level.
Market Readiness of Perovskite Applications
Innovation roadmap for perovskite applications' market readiness.
alt="Exploring the Growth and Market Breakdown of Passive RFID"
Exploring the Growth and Market Breakdown of Passive RFID
The RFID industry is expected to maintain its growth trajectory, with IDTechEx forecasting a market value of US$14 billion in 2023, up from US$12.8 billion in 2022. This market value encompasses various RFID form factors, including labels, cards, fobs, and tags, as well as scanners, software, and services for both active and passive RFID technologies. Among these, the "Passive RFID Tags" segment stands out as the largest, comprising more than half of the total RFID market.
alt="Unravelling Competing In-Mold Electronics Manufacturing Methodologies"
Unravelling Competing In-Mold Electronics Manufacturing Methodologies
Smooth, functional surfaces that provide touch sensing, often with backlighting, are becoming increasingly common. Applications range from vehicle interiors and domestic appliances to medical devices and aircraft seating. Rather than relying on a mechanical or membrane switch, these surfaces utilize capacitive touch sensing - the same principle used in smartphone displays.
alt="AI Driven Quality Assurance for "Fully Additive" 3D Printed Electronic"
AI Driven Quality Assurance for "Fully Additive" 3D Printed Electronic
Neotech AMT and the TAMS-group at the University of Hamburg announce successful implementation of a camera-based monitoring system for Additively Manufactured objects with integrated electronics (Project: KAM EI). The project, funded by Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) from the German Federal Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), started in September 2020.
ATT (Advanced Thermal Technologies)
ATT is collaborating with Henkel to develop heating for automotive interiors based on positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ink and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) sensor cover heaters utilizing in-mold electronics (IME). IDTechEx caught up with Head of Printed Electronics Martin Hartinger at LOPEC 2023.
alt="Upcoming Webinar - Smart Packaging: Emerging Drivers and Technologies"
Upcoming Webinar - Smart Packaging: Emerging Drivers and Technologies
Wednesday 17 May 2023 - Multiple smart packaging technologies, including embedded lighting, wireless energy harvesting, flexible batteries, and low-cost sensing; Case studies showing the deployment and adoption of different types of smart packaging, such as electronic blister packs for pharmaceuticals; A roadmap for the adoption of different smart packaging technologies, and assessment of technology gaps and other adoption barriers
Wiliot offers battery-free smart tags and an associated software ecosystem for tracking objects both in supply chains and after purchase. IDTechEx caught up with Chief Marketing Officer Steve Statler to find out more about the latest developments.
Application Opportunities for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
This premium article explores the various application opportunities for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS).
alt="TactoTek adds TracXon Solutions to enhance supply of IMSE Technology"
TactoTek adds TracXon Solutions to enhance supply of IMSE Technology
Finnish IMSE pioneer TactoTek and TracXon, an innovative spin-off of the Holst Centre, have signed a license agreement
Helio Display Materials
Helio Display Materials is an early-stage UK company developing nanocrystal perovskite films for color conversion in display applications, aiming to replace the commonly used quantum dot technology. This profile is based on an SID (Society for Information Display) presentation and Q&A session with CTO Bernard Wenger.
The In-Mold Electronics (IME) Value Chain
This article covers the value chain, key suppliers and activity by region for In Mold Electronics.
alt="AI for Sustainability: How Materials Informatics is Driving Change"
AI for Sustainability: How Materials Informatics is Driving Change
Materials informatics is the application of data-driven methods, including machine learning techniques, to the field of materials science. This important part of the digital transformation toolbox for the materials industry has wide-ranging benefits, but the ability to enhance the sustainability of materials and their manufacturing processes could be the most impactful of these.
VDL Enabling Technologies
VDL Enabling Technologies is a contract manufacturer for specialist production lines. At LOPEC 2023 IDTechEx caught up with Director of Business Development Sorin Stan to learn more about how VDL supports the development of printed electronics production lines, and also its vacuum-free atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology.
Readiness Level of Conductive Inks
Innovation roadmap for the report 'Conductive Ink Market 2023-2033'.
alt="Smart Packaging Will Become a US$2.6 Billion Market by 2033"
Smart Packaging Will Become a US$2.6 Billion Market by 2033
The role of packaging has evolved over time, from simply protecting and identifying the product to driving sales via enticing graphics. Smart packaging is the latest iteration, utilizing technology including sensors, indicators, and wireless communication to enhance user engagement, product quality, and supply chain efficiency.
VTT is a Finnish research center with significant activities within printed electronics. IDTechEx caught up with Solution Sales Lead Antti Kemppainen to learn more about recent developments to the roll-to-roll pilot manufacturing line for wearable stretchable electronics with directly mounted components.
MinkTec is an early stage German company that has developed a wearable strain sensor for monitoring spine movement. IDTechEx caught up with Finance, Marketing, and Sales Director Benjamin Holmer at LOPEC 2023.
alt="Webinar on the Progress, Trends, and Prospects of RFID Technology"
Webinar on the Progress, Trends, and Prospects of RFID Technology
Wednesday 26 April 2023 - The current state of the industry, including a comprehensive analysis of the NFC and RAIN markets and their medium-term opportunities; The RFID market by regions, key growth drivers for various applications, and the remaining barriers to high-volume RFID adoption; Emerging technologies that could pose a threat to the RFID industry and innovative trends in RFID technologies that can help businesses stay ahead of the competition