Printed Electronics USA 2008
Printed Electronics USA 2008

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Conference Agenda


Wednesday, 03 Dec 2008

 The Application of Printed Electronics to Products
09:45Avery Dennison Industrial Products Division
08:55Nokia Research Center
09:20Structural Graphics
 Radical New Printed Electronics Products
12:20Stora Enso Packaging Boards
11:30Plastic Logic Ltd
10:50Toppan Forms Co Ltd

Track 1

 Healthcare and Bionic Man
08:50RF-iT Solutions
14:00University of St Andrews
14:25Toumaz Technology Ltd.
 Thin, Flexible Printed Batteries
14:50Blue Spark Technologies
15:15NEC Corporation
16:20Infinite Power Solutions Inc
16:45Lux Research

Track 2

 Electronics as Art, Signage, Human Interface - Large Area Displays
16:20Acreo AB
14:25E Ink Corporation
14:00Rogers Corporation
14:50TRED Displays
15:15Apple Inc
 Smart Substrates and Stretchable Electronics
16:45University of Cambridge
17:10University of Washington

Track 3

 Thin Film Transistor Circuits - New Possibilities
15:15Northrop Grumman
14:25PolyIC GmbH & Co KG
 Sensors Networks & Actuators
16:20Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
17:10NXT Technology Inc
16:45University of California

Thursday, 04 Dec 2008

Track 1

 Thin Film and Printed Photovoltaics
08:55Konarka Technologies Inc
08:30Boeing Spectrolab
 PV: Panel Discussion
09:20HelioVolt Corporation
Lux Research
Boeing Spectrolab
 PV: Nano-Enabled Technologies
11:00University of Washington
11:25Applied Nanotech Inc
 PV: Inorganic Photovoltaic
11:50HelioVolt Corporation
 PV: Organic PV- Organic Concentrators
14:50Arizona State University
14:00Solarmer Energy
12:15Plextronics Inc
 Novel RFID approaches
16:00Friendly Technologies Ltd
 Printed Electronics Standards and Global Progress

Track 2

 Materials:Organic and Inorganic Semiconductors, Dielectrics
08:55Korea Institute of Science and Technology
09:20Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia
08:30BASF Future Business GmbH
 Materials: Carbon Nanotubes and Graphene
11:00Rutgers University
 Materials: Conductive Materials
11:25NanoMas Technologies
11:50Sun Chemical
12:15SSCP CO.
14:00Chisso Petrochemical co.
 Materials: Meta-Materials
14:25Imperial College London
 Materials: Material Scarcity
14:50H.C. Starck Inc
16:00University of Augsburg
 Materials: The Big Need: Barrier/ Encapsulation Materials
16:25Vitex Systems Inc

Track 3

 Printing:Roll-to-Roll Printed Electronics: Co-Deposition of Components
 Printing: Breakthrough in Room Temperature Cure
08:55NovaCentrix Corp
 Printing: Digital Printing Breakthroughs
11:00FUJIFILM Dimatix
09:20Optomec Inc
11:25imaging Technology international (iTi)
11:50Asahi Kasei Chemicals
 Process/Inspection/Testing Systems
14:00Northfield Automation Systems Inc
 Printing: Conformal/Flexible Displays
16:25CDT Limited
14:25DuPont Displays

Thursday December 04, 2008

Printing: Conformal/Flexible Displays (14:50 - 17:15)

14:25 - 14:50 "Solution Printing of AMOLED Displays"
  • Performance of our solution processed small-molecule materials
  • Cost reduction of printing versus incumbent technology
  • Trade-offs and benefits of using common layers in OLED architectures
14:50 - 15:15 "Print Processing of P-OLED materials for accelerated commercialization of flexible displays"
  • Early market development opportunity for low cost printed flexible OLED displays
  • Research & Development efforts and advancements in performance for air-printed, flexible P-OLEDs
  • Manufacturing technology and technology transfer developments
  • Applications and market opportunities
15:15 Break
16:00 - 16:25 "Ultra Low Power Electrochromic Displays"
  • US based AJJER LLC is developing ultra low power electrochromic (EC) displays and indicators which will be able to operate in conjunction with passive RFID chips within their range of less than 5mW and typical voltage outputted lower than 2.4V.
  • The displays can be fully printed, and consist of three layers including the conductive layers. ECs are non emissive, allowing them to be read easily in bright light and providing wide viewing angles.
  • The company is focusing on developing monochrome EC displays initially, with versions which are bi stable (power is only needed to change the display) being stable for months; to a single switch version which once changed will not change back again, useful for threshold and warning indicators.
16:25 - 16:50 "OTFTs for printable OLED display backplanes"
  • The performance requirements of a printable active matrix OLED display backplane;
  • The development of OTFT devices with the high mobility and low contact resistance needed to drive OLEDs;
  • A new universal OTFT compact SPICE model, enabling the design of an all-printed backplane.
America's largest event on printed and thin film electronics. With over 80 exhibitors and more than 800 delegates anticipated - the whole industry will be at this event. Will you?