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The four optional expert-led masterclasses are intended for audience participation and discussion. They are effectively interactive consultancy sessions. At each masterclass you will have the chance to handle many samples, see demonstrations, and take away printed copies of presentations. They will ensure you get the most from the conference and leave understanding the issues with answers to your questions.

Previous Masterclass delegates have reported:

"It's great to actually get real information on where RFID is going INDEPENDENTLY without someone trying to sell their particular product" Jim Chatz, Labelmakers Australia

"Excellent" James Zhang, GE Global Research Center

Masterclasses will be held on the 7th floor of the Westin Copley

RFID (Masterclass 1: Monday March 27 09:00-13:00)                    

Raghu Das CEO, IDTechEx, UK

Dan Lawrence VP Business Development, IDTechEx, USA

WORLD FIRST DEMO Don Taylor, VP Global Marketing, Inksure, USA
Prof. Amir Bpag, Chief Technology Officer, InkSure RF, Israel

Intelligentz, USA

Geunho Lee, Principal Consultant, R&BD, Korea

Introduction to RFID

A complete introduction to RFID systems, markets and trends. The session covers:

  • An introduction to RFID systems and hardware choices
  • Chip and chipless tag technology evaluations and their applications
  • Assessment of choices of making RFID smart labels
  • Examples of RFID being used, how many have been sold and into which markets
  • Active RFID and RFID combined with Wifi, Bluetooth, DSRC, UWB etc
  • Markets driving volume use of RFID to 2016
  • New applications and advice on entry to market
  • Comparison of RFID frequencies
  • The RFID value chain, major players and opportunities
  • Failures and successes
  • RFID standards
  • RFID forecasts and trends 2006-2016

Lunch for all masterclass delegates 13:00-14:00

How to Manufacture RFID (labels, tickets & cards)      (Masterclass 2: Monday March 27 14:00-18:00 )

Dan Lawrence VP Business Development IDTechEx, USA

George Reynolds, VP Sales & Marketing, Avery Dennison USA
Ken Daming, Manager, Product Marketing, Mark Andy, USA

Jamie Nielsen, Business Manager, Xink Laboratories Ltd, Canada

Michael Harris, CEO, Innovative Equipment Ltd, USA

Gerald Steinwasser, General Manager, Mühlbauer, Inc, Germany

Vito Buffa, Market Manager, Emerson & Cuming, USA

Manufacturing RFID Labels, Tickets & Cards

Aimed at converters, packagers, printers, label suppliers, specifiers, buyers and brand owners, this masterclass will educate you of the full value chain of manufacturing RFID smart labels. Topics covered include evaluation of manufacturing methods, chip attachment processes, antenna technologies, overprinting and insertion, specifying RFID labels, managing data and best practice. The session covers:

  • Understanding the tag production value chain
  • Evaluation of the choices for manufacturing complete RFID
    labels, tickets and cards
  • How things are made and what they cost
  • Manufacturing RFID tag antennas: technologies, performance and cost
  • Substrates, inks and adhesives: suppliers, costs and performance
  • Chip attach options
  • Analysis of routes to high volume manufacture
  • Applying RFID to products: required throughput, testing and finish
  • Major players, emerging players and unsatisfied needs i.e. opportunities


Lunch for all masterclass delegates 13:00-14:00

Main Conference and Expo Day One: March 28

Main Conference and Expo Day Two: March 29


How to make money out of RFID - the theory, case studies of success, future opportunities and market analysis 2006-2016
Masterclass 3: Thur March 30: 08:30-12:30)

Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, UK

Mark Stanton, ThingMagic, USA

For the first time in the industry, IDTechEx presents the vital information on how to make profits from RFID. First we look at the theory of product positioning and profit optimisation. Then we analyse how 20 RFID companies are making enduring profits today. Several of these will have representatives present their inside story, with a detailed look at ThingMagic, Savi Technology, IDTechEx and others, and a chance to question the achievers.

This masterclass explores the "low hanging fruit", undersupplied markets and examines what is needed. Don't follow the crowd, learn how you can make money from RFID. We cover needs by markets, your opportunities and the skills and capabilities they require. With 1000 suppliers to the RFID industry, there is scope for consideration. We explore acquisition opportunities. The session covers:

  • Who is making money out of RFID and who will do so
  • Large prosperous niche markets
  • Which applications and which parts of the value chain are prosperous
  • Analysis of RFID markets 2006-2016
  • Profit by frequency, application etc.
  • Acquisition strategy in the industry so far. Case studies. Recommended acquisition strategies for the future.
  • What is needed - your opportunities

Lunch for all masterclass delegates 12:30-13:30

Printed Electronics (Masterclass 4: Thurs March 30: 13:30-17:30)

Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx, UK

Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx, UK

Dan Lawrence, VP Business Development, IDTechEx, USA

Printed Electronics

Aimed for those new to the topic or who need to understand the big picture to assess the challenges and opportunities, this Masterclass will arm you with the latest knowledge of the applications and technology developments involving printed electronics. Learn of the toolkit of technologies that are available and emerging. The session will cover:

  • Applications of printed electronics - now and near future
  • Lessons to be learnt from early successes and failures
    • The value chain
    • Market forecasts
  • The need for printed electronics
    • Key markets that need printed electronics - reasons why and their technology requirements
    • Creating new markets versus competing with conventional electronics in existing ones
  • Assessment of technologies, companies, strategies and progress so far, including
    • Thin film transistor circuits (organic, inorganic semiconductors, thin film silicon)
    • Displays (OLEDs, electrophoretic, electroluminescent, electrochromic and others)
    • Sensors, batteries, actuators and conductive inks
  • A discussion of printing techniques, their relevancy and challenges
  • Challenges and the roadmap to the full printed electronics toolkit


Lunch for all masterclass delegates 12:30-13:30


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