The Applications Of Solid-State Thin Film Battery In Miniature Electronic Devices (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2016)

Dr Simon Nieh, CEO
Front Edge Technology
United States

Presentation Summary

A new generation of Internet of Things, wearables, and implantable medical devices have been developed. Solid-state thin film battery (TFB) is uniquely suitable for these new miniature devices. In this presentation, I will use a few examples to illustrate how TFBs enable the design of next-generation products.

Speaker Biography (Simon Nieh)

Dr. Simon Nieh is the founder and CEO of Front Edge Technology. Before starting FET, Dr. Nieh was a Senior Research Fellow at Hughes Research Laboratories. Prior to Hughes, he did his post-doctoral research at Caltech.
Dr. Nieh's scientific focuses have been in thin film materials, thin film formation processes, and thin film manufacturing. Dr. Nieh has authored/co-authored more than 100 papers and patents in the field of thin films and solid-state thin film batteries.

Company Profile (Front Edge Technology)

Front Edge Technology logo
Front Edge Technology (FET) is a leader in the development of solid-state thin film battery (TFB). FET has been in the forefront of TFB development for 18 years and has established a comprehensive patent portfolio to cover solid-state battery technology, process, structure, and applications.
FET has received DARPA, NIH, DoD, and DoE advanced research grants to develop solid-state battery technologies and applications. In 2010, the R&D 100 Award was presented to FET for its development of a solar cell/TFB integrated "Micro Power Source".
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