Dr Tess Skyrme Senior Technology Analyst

Dr Tess Skyrme is a Senior Technology Analyst supporting the company's research and consulting within sensor technology and electronics. Prior to IDTechEx, she was a PhD researcher at Cambridge University as part of the Quantum Sensor Group.
During her PhD at Cambridge, Tess studied the behavior of superconducting microwave resonators. Her project included the simulation and experimental characterization of material effects on resonator performance. This work in low temperature physics has applications in astronomy, earth observation and quantum computing. Tess also holds an MRes in Sensor Technology and Applications from Cambridge, this included a project developing a quantitative arsenic sensor for use in contaminated wells in remote locations.
Prior to this, Tess obtained an MEng in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Liverpool, during which time she undertook a research placement in the Laser Diagnostics and Combustion Lab at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Tess has co-authored a paper in a peer-reviewed journal and presented her work at multiple conference events both in the UK and abroad.
Research fields
Tess broadly covers the sensor space at IDTechEx, including the following topic areas:
Wearable sensors includes everything from smart watches and virtual reality to skin patches and medical devices. The miniaturization of accelerometers and biometric sensors alongside innovations in batteries for mobile devices has seen the market for wearable technology grow significantly in the last decade. IDTechEx has closely followed the trends in this technology during this time and Tess is covering the latest trends in wearable use as the sector become more established. This includes projects on the use of wearable sensors for digital health and wellness.
Gas sensor technology includes a vast range of sensing principles - including electrochemistry, photonics, and even AI. Despite being an older technology, emerging markets in the air quality, medical and industrial markets are placing new demands on the performance required for gas sensors. Tess covers the latest innovations and manufacturing and material science, alongside meta-trends such as mass-digitization and air quality hype driving growth in this field.

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