Sam Dale Technology Analyst

Sam Dale is a Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, focusing on augmented/virtual reality and advanced materials. Before joining IDTechEx, Sam graduated from Imperial College London with an MEng in Chemical Engineering, where his interests centered on applications of machine learning in engineering.
Sam was awarded an MEng (Master of Engineering) degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London. Through his studies he gained wide-ranging engineering and technical expertise, in addition to strong analytical skills. During his degree he carried out research, in conjunction with the Turing Institute, concentrating on the development of digital twins of decontaminant sprays using computational fluid dynamics and machine learning. In addition to this, he worked on the development and commercial assessment of a novel low-carbon silicon production process and in a carbon capture pilot plant.
Academic research placements outside of Sam's degree studies included work to improve methods of processing phase-contrast MRI images, targeting improved outcomes for patients with heart disease, and data science-based development of models of multiphase fluid flow from a large industrial dataset.
At IDTechEx, Sam is responsible for research into virtual and augmented reality. Aside from IDTechEx's reports in this area, he has completed multiple bespoke consulting projects and pays special focus to material demands in the industry.
Besides this portfolio, Sam covers material informatics and small modular nuclear reactors, leveraging his academic background. He regularly presents for IDTechEx at domestic and international conferences.

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