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22 Feb 2024

Tesla Adopts Interior Radar for Interior Monitoring

With the shift towards electric vehicles, end-users are becoming less concerned about traditional differentiators like engine horsepower and are placing greater emphasis on smart interior functions. This trend is compelling automotive OEMs to invest more efforts in enhancing interior features, thereby adding greater value to their products and distinguishing them from other vehicles.
21 Feb 2024

Building a Net-Negative Future: CO2-Derived Concrete

In a world with a growing population and a rapidly expanding construction sector to match, how do we prevent building homes from damaging our climate? Concrete is the second most consumed material on Earth, but its key ingredient, cement, is responsible for 7% of global anthropogenic CO2 emissions. The answer could come from thin air - CO2-derived building materials.
20 Feb 2024

EV Fire Protection Materials, Protecting a US$3.5 Trillion Market

Electric vehicle (EV) fire safety continues to be a critical topic. Data continues to support the fact that EVs are less likely to catch fire than internal combustion engine vehicles. However, as a new technology, EVs get more press, and besides, even a very low occurrence rate still poses significant risks to vehicle occupants and surroundings.
19 Feb 2024

Upcoming Webinar - The Latest Material Developments for PEM Fuel Cells

Thursday 22 February 2024 - Discuss the key components of a PEM fuel cell, including their purpose, form factor, and possible material choices; Highlight innovations in alternative materials and manufacturing processes with respect to the incumbents and the impact of proposed regulations; Outline key technology trends for materials, including the driving forces behind these trends; Overview of the PEM fuel cell market within the context of the broader fuel cell electric vehicle market
19 Feb 2024

Saving Signals - IDTechEx Explores New Developments in EMI Shielding

Electromagnetic interference shielding is becoming more adapted to the meet demands of growing communications technology. Personal devices are everywhere. As they get thinner, the components in each device are getting closer together, and EMI shielding is becoming well-known as the mastermind.
16 Feb 2024

Webinar - Evolving Opportunity in EV Battery Fire Protection Materials

Thursday 29 February 2024 - An overview of the need for fire protection materials; Thermal management strategies and cell-to-pack battery structure; Options and examples for fire protection materials in OEMs; The impact of sodium-ion and solid state batteries on EV safety and material needs; Fire protection material benchmarking; Market share predictions
16 Feb 2024

CES 2024 Showed that the Future of Cars will be Defined by AI

IDTechEx's new report, "Future Automotive Technologies 2024-2034: Applications, Megatrends, Forecasts", highlights the biggest changes coming to cars over the next ten years. Electrification will change what powers cars, and automation will change how they are driven, but one of the biggest opportunities is connectivity and software definition, which will change how cars are monetized.
15 Feb 2024

Mushroom Bags & Plastic-Free Picnics - White Biotech & Sustainabilty

Handbags made of mushroom leather and biodegradable foodware are two examples of how white biotechnology can produce functional products that look good. With the right input feedstock, such as biomass or gases, and the right fermentation processes, the outputs of white biotechnology processes can be utilized in textiles, chemicals, and fuels.
14 Feb 2024

El sector del transporte impulsa el crecimiento del mercado de materiales para pilas de combustible PEM, según IDTechEx

Con la creciente economía del hidrógeno, las pilas de combustible de membrana de intercambio protónico (PEM) son objeto de continuas innovaciones, especialmente en lo que se refiere al desarrollo de materiales. En algunos componentes predominan los materiales tradicionales, pero están surgiendo opciones competitivas alternativas y el panorama tecnológico está empezando a cambiar.
13 Feb 2024

New Episode of 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' Podcast: AR/VR

IDTechEx have released a brand new episode of the 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' podcast, 'AR and VR Headsets - Time for an Extended Reality Check?'. Host Dr Tess Skyrme and industry expert Sam Dale will be discussing the up-and-coming trends in the AR/VR landscape.
13 Feb 2024

AR Optics: Insights from IDTechEx at CES 2024

Apple's Vision Pro has recently grabbed all the headlines in the spatial computing world, following years of hype and rumors of Apple bringing a headset to market. The Vision Pro is thought to be merely the opening salvo of the tech giant's strategy, with see-through augmented reality (AR) devices expected to be the endgame.
12 Feb 2024

Upcoming Webinar - The Upwards Trajectory of Low-Loss Materials

Thursday 15 February 2024 - The Upwards Trajectory of Low-Loss Materials for Future Telecommunications - Identify key factors in 5G deployment affecting demand for low-loss materials; Consider important types of low-loss materials for 5G; Explore trends influencing the development of low-loss materials for 6G; Present IDTechEx's market outlook for the industry