Adding Value to Paper with Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics USA 2014)

Mr Michael Londo, Corporate Technology Leader
United States
Nov 20, 2014.


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Presentation Summary

• Thermal Printing is everywhere
• Thermal Print engines utilize CPR (Controlled Pyro Reactors)
• Thermal printing has applications and brings value to the Printed Electronics Industry

Speaker Biography (Michael Londo)

Mike has been in the paper and related industries for 30 years. The last 7 years he has been involved with Printed Electronics. He holds numerous patents in the industry. He has a BS degree in Chemistry from St. Norbert College .
He started his career in the carbonless paper industry and has invented and commercialized many products. He has worked for both suppliers and manufacturers in a variety of roles. More recently, Mike has been featured as "The Idea Guy" by CIMS, (Center for Innovation Management"). The Printed Electronics industry recognizes him for his Passion and Enthusiasm in advancing the business.
Currently, Mike is also employed by Appvion, Inc., North America's largest thermal paper manufacturer and as Business Development Leader and is responsible for growth through Innovation.

Company Profile (Appvion)

Appvion logo
Appvion is the new name for Appleton Papers. It was founded in 1907 with Primary businesses in Carbonless, Thermal, and Security Papers as well as microencapsulation through their Encapsys business. It's 100% employee owned since 2001. It has 1,800 employees and an annual revenue of $857M. It's the US leader in thermal manufacturing and sales. Its mission is to accelerate applied innovation to add value to products and process for our customers.
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