Advanced EH Power Chain Design Techniques (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2013)

Mr Steve Grady, VP Marketing
United States
Nov 20, 2013.


Cymbet (Mr Steve Grady) - Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

• Review the tools and key metrics to determine the economics of Energy Harvesting-based solutions
• New technologies for harvesting energy from Light, Heat, Motion, Vibration, Electromagnetic and RF
• Examine high efficiency power conversion designs
• Energy storage options - choosing the right one
• Techniques for creating an "Energy Aware" product design that improves overall system performance
• Tips for optimizing system power usage in the MCU, Sensor and Wireless link
• Actual Teardowns of the latest Energy Harvesting-powered sensors and devices will be shown

Speaker Biography (Steve Grady)

Steve Grady is Vice President of Global Marketing at Cymbet Corporation and is responsible for all strategic marketing, product roadmap, product management, customer relationship development, e-initiatives, collateral creation and sales lead generation.

Company Profile (Cymbet Corporation)

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Cymbet Corporation—a green technology company—is a leader in thin-film, solid-state storage devices and energy harvesting technology. The company is the first to market a component-class energy solution that designers can use to realize new embedded systems capabilities. Cymbet's EnerChip thin-film devices enable innovative energy storage applications for integrated circuits and new products for process control, medical, sensor, RFID, communications, consumer and portable electronic devices.
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