Applications of xGnPR Graphene Nano-platelets in Inks, Papers and Composites (Graphene LIVE! USA 2012)

Dr Hiroyuki Fukushima, Executive Product Development Manager
XG Sciences, Inc.
United States
Déc 06, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

Introduction of xGnPR Graphene Nano-platelets
  • xGnPR in Ink Application
  • xGnPR in Paper Application
  • xGnPR in Composite Application

Speaker Biography (Hiroyuki Fukushima)

Dr. Fukushima got his Ph.D. in Materials Science from Michigan State University in 2003. His expertise in materials science includes polymer science, composite engineering, nanomaterials, and surface chemistry. Based on his research effort at MSU, he has developed a new, scalable process to manufacture a new nanomaterial called xGnPR Graphene Nanoplatelets, and become a co-founder of XG Sciences, Inc. Now he is a technical director at the company and his recent research activities are focused on developing new products based on xGnPR Graphene Nanoplatelets in ink, paper, and composite applications.

Company Profile (XG Sciences, Inc.)

XG Sciences, Inc. logo
XG Sciences ( External Link) is the market leader in graphene nanoplatelets and value-added products such as anode materials, sheets, inks, coatings and TIMs. The mechanical, thermal, electrical, barrier, chemical resistance and lubrication properties of xGnP® graphene nanoplatelets have demonstrated compelling value propositions across a broad range of applications such as battery electrodes, thermal management in consumer electronics, high-strength composites, conductive inks in printed electronics, lubricating oils, and so on. Graphene products made from scalable manufacturing processes in a fully functioning pilot plant in Lansing MI have been sold to hundreds of customers globally who are in various stages of commercialization.
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