Autonomous Wind/Solar Off-Grid System For Offshore Platform In The Caspian Sea (KZ) (Off Grid Energy Independence. Europe 2018)

Mr Claudio Pedretti, Business Development


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Speaker Biography (Claudio Pedretti)

Claudio Pedretti, Business Development, Co-founder has been involved in the off-grid renewable energy area for the last twelve years covering several roles from engineering to sales & management. He successfully grew the company business in several industrial markets such as oil&gas, telecom, mining. He currently focuses on strategy and partnerships while expanding the company business in Central Asia and Africa.
Before co-founding WindKinetic, he has worked for over 10 in the healthcare Industry. At same time, as a consultant he collaborated on several project management roles with Italian public administrations and NGOs.
He is considered an expert in off grid power system technologies, microgrids and related applications.

Company Profile (Wind Kinetic)

Wind Kinetic logo
WindKinetic Off-grid Power Systems is a Florence (Italy) based company that designs and produces innovative solutions for Renewable Energy Distributed Power Generation for off-grid applications and Microgrids.
We operate worldwide as technology suppliers, system integrators and engineers, often on EPC basis (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).
Our system are deployed worldwide in different fields and markets : NGOs, Rural Electrification, mining industry, Oil&Gas Off Shore, Telemetry, disaster relief, civilian use.
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