Building A Community Of E-Textile Experts (Wearable Europe 2018)

Melissa Coleman, Co-Founder
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

Since 3 years e-stitches has been running meetups at the V&A museum to bring together e-textile experts to discuss their work in progress. This talk will discuss why meetups are so vital to staying up to date in this field and what we've learned about the field of e-textiles in the last three years.

Speaker Biography (Melissa Coleman)

Melissa Coleman is an artist, curator and creative technologist specialised in fashion tech and connected objects. Her art and exhibitions critically explore the relationship of fashion, politics and technology. She exhibits worldwide and her work has been covered by New Scientist, Wired, The Guardian, Vogue, Fast Company and Dezeen. She co-founded London's E-Stitches meetup at the V&A Museum and Rotterdam's V2_E-textile Workspace. She was part of the core team that created Hackaball, a connected ball that teaches kids coding, one of Time Magazine's best inventions of 2015.

Company Profile (E-Stitches)

E-Stitches logo
E-Stitches is a community of specialists in the space of e-textiles and wearables in London and Bristol. Our members are from a wide variety of fields and experience, creating innovative and experimental applications for art, design, research and commerce. Through meetups and workshops we create a space for learning, discussions, skill share and networking.
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