Conductive Connectivity to create the Inkernet of Things (Printed Electronics USA 2014)

Mr Ed Ickowski, Executive Vice President of Sales
T-Ink Inc
United States
Nov 19, 2014.

Speaker Biography (Ed Ickowski)

Mr. Ickowski is the Executive Vice President of Sales for T+ink. His expertise, combining sales with T+ink's innovative printed electronic applications, helps clients to connect the physical and digital worlds, creating new markets and product platforms. Ed's deliberate focus on the enhancement of overall marketing communications and how consumers can experience products in new ways, has helped drive accretive revenue streams and increase brand awareness for T+ink's customers.
Mr. Ickowski has worked with and positioned T+ink created applications and technologies for companies ranging from leading CPGs to Sun Chemical, Rock-Tenn, DuPont, Canon, HP, Duratech, Lexmark, and many others. Additionally, Ed has continued to be at the forefront of printed electronic adoption, blending both business process with imaginative projects sharing T+ink's expertise with fortune 500 companies and brands around the world.