Conductive Floating Tube Technology As An EMI Shielding Solution Using Spray Coating Process (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Dr Young Yoo, Director, R&D Center
DUKSAN Hi-Metal Co., Ltd.


USA 2017 Presentation - DUKSAN Hi-Metal Co.*

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Presentation Summary

Electrically conductive coatings for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding are rapidly growing in popularity due to technological and environmental demands for a variety of EMI applications in mobile phone, automotive, medical, and semiconductor industries. Physical vacuum deposition (PVD), sputtering has typically been used to coat conductive metals on electronic chip to isolate the chip from EMI influence. There is a rising trend to replace PVD with spray due to elevation of cost and limited efficiency of sputtering process. A source material for spray is typically formulated in the form of suspension, consisting of conductive metal particles and organic binder. Heavy metal particles tend to fall down to the bottom of the suspension, resulting in undesirable aggregation. In order to prevent the aggregation, viscosity and rheology of the suspension should be delicately tuned. Also, its cured form simultaneously must show high coverage on chip surface and electrical conductivity so as to be capable of EMI shield. Here, we present a recent solution for EMI shield materials available to spray process "conductive floating tube technology". Materials and coating properties using this technology will be described, together with experimental results and theoretical explanation.

Speaker Biography (Young Yoo)

Dr. Yoo received Ph.D degree in Innovative and Engineered Materials from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2001. Right after getting Ph.D degree, He was working for NIMS, Japan and then INSET, Argonne National Lab, USA until 2007. Dr. Yoo is currently a vice president of Duksan Hi-metal Company, South Korea. Before joining to Duksan Hi-metal Company in 2014, he was working for Samsung corning precision materials, Korea as a principal researcher leading Samsung group project.
Since 1996, he has kept working on rigid and flexible transparent conducting electrodes for OLED, solarcell and optoelectronics. He has developed various electrode materials based on ITO, II-VI & III-V compound S/C, and their manufacturing systems as well, such as APCVD and R2R. Recently, he has paid attention to EMI shield materials for spray process, because it could be another application of electrode material. He got more than 60 SCI publications and 80 patents. He has succeeded in technology transfers and industrializations starting from his original researches regarding electrodes materials and solar cell areas.

Company Profile (DUKSAN Hi-Metal Co., Ltd.)

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DUKSAN Hi-Metal Co., Ltd. is a core subsidiary of the DUKSAN group. We specialize in soldering materials such as solder ball, powder and paste for semiconductor packages.
DUKSAN Hi-Metal Co., Ltd. has the largest share in the South Korean domestic solder ball market and second-largest share in the global market. We focus on the development in cooperation with our major customers to meet their needs by providing competitive and advanced technology and products.
Our company manufactures solder ball and a series of paste and flux for the electronics industry. Since the establishment of The R&D Institute of Electronic Materials in 2002, we have intensively invested in R&D for the next generation.
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