Connecting Up, Creating IoT Products the Fast, Easy, and Fun Way (Internet of Things Applications USA 2014)

Mr Jordan Husney, Strategy Director
United States
Nov 20, 2014.


Santa Clara 2014 Presentation - Undercurrent*
Santa Clara 2014 Audio Presentation - Undercurrent*
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Presentation Summary

• Presenting the landscape of existing hardware for creating consumer, commercial, and industrial connected products
• A sweep of existing software platforms and services for connecting devices - plus key attributes to look for including usability, scalability, security, provisioning, and device management
• Tools, techniques, and examples for prototyping, finding product/market fit, and exploring novel business models

Speaker Biography (Jordan Husney)

Jordan Husney is Strategy Director at Undercurrent, an organizational transformation firm and digital
think tank in lower Manhattan. Jordan helps advise global businesses and complex organizations on the
future, helps them chart a path to meet it, and build muscles to get better every day. Since joining
Undercurrent, Jordan has advised the senior most teams at General Electric, American Express, PepsiCo,
and others.
Before joining Undercurrent, Jordan was a product manager and technologist. He managed a pioneering
internet service for managing millions of connected devices and their data. His product and consulting
practice is grounded in 17 years of computer engineering experience. He's developed hardware and
software to create everything from automated commercial kitchens to an illuminated interactive art
installation for the Olympic games which spanned the North of England. He is an active hacker, maker,
writer, and speaker

Company Profile (Undercurrent)

Undercurrent logo
For almost seven years, Undercurrent has helped influential organizations transform in service
of an ever better future. Our consulting practice promotes change through active development
of responsive operating systems inside of our clients' organizations. Our ventures practice
believes that startups and end-ups have much to teach each other, and helps to play a part in
that transfer. We are an island of misfit toys - comprised of theorists, technologists, reformed
corporate jockeys, ethnographers, hackers and planners.
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