Cost Leadership With HBr Flow Battery Technology (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017)

Mr Guido Dalessi, CEO


Europe 2017 Presentation - EleStor*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - EleStor*

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Presentation Summary

The essence of the presentation is the reduction of storage costs (LCoS) to an absolute minimum. By combining 1) the intrinsic advantages of HBFB technology with 2) the choice for abundant available (thus low cost) active materials, and 3) its patented system design, Elestor has introduced a solution for electricity storage with an extremely low Cost of Storage, This cost level creates profitable business cases combined with renewable energy generation.

Speaker Biography (Guido Dalessi)

Graduated in Physics (1986), Guido Dalessi started his career in R&D of laser equipment.
In 1996, he joined a high-tech public listed company in the development of systems for optical disc production in the position of Exec VP, and was appointed CEO in 2006. In these years, the company became global market- and technology-leader in its field.
In 2015, Guido Dalessi joined Elestor BV as CEO, and is also one of the investors.

Company Profile (EleStor)

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Elestor BV is a fast growing company, active in the development of industrial size storage systems for electricity, Elestor has matured HBr flow battery technology into a robust and highly scalable product, featuring storage costs far beyond what is achieved by existing storage technologies.
The technology does not only shift energy to times when no renewable energy is generated, but also enables trading on electricity markets and optimizes revenues. Furthermore, storage enables lower power grid connection, saving considerable costs. HBFB storage technology enables a combination of these revenue streams ('revenue stacking')
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