EV and Infrastructure is not a Chicken-and-Egg Question. (Supercapacitors USA 2014)

Mr Marco Ottella, Technology and Information Officer
Torino e-district
Nov 20, 2014.


Santa Clara 2014 Presentation - Torino e-district*
Santa Clara 2014 Video Presentation - Torino e-district*

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Presentation Summary

The lack of an EV infrastructure is often regarded as a major obstacle for the diffusion of EVs. However there several reasons why this is not:
Fuel pumps are spread around streets and urban areas, but get more concentrated where and when market requires (motorways, shopping centres, parks...); all would like but nobody has a home-fuel-pump.
The diffusion of handyphones and portable devices and the related infrastructure goes on together: more users, more repeaters, higer/wider data rates/packets... lower prices
Range anxiety is definitely not an issue: technology is evolving as fast as market needs, storage energy/power density double every five years, mature users recharge only when needed (i.e. like mobiles)
Recent successful/unsuccessful histories.
Presentation will show trends, market, social and technological aspects related with EVs and the related infrastructure, towards 2020"

Speaker Biography (Marco Ottella)

Marco Ottella received his degree in Electronic Engineering in 1996 and his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering in 2001, at the Politecnico of Torino. He has been working at CRF since 1996 leading numerous projects on Electric machines and Power electronics, Battery and Fuel-cell powered Electric Vehicles. In 2012 he joined Bitron Group to coordinate the activities on Public Funded R&D where early 2013 he have been amongst the founders of the Torino e-district, there covering the role of Technology and Information Officer.

Company Profile (Torino e-district)

Torino e-district logo
The Torino e-district is a network of SMEs and large enterprises leaded by Bitron Spa, a large automotive components-maker; it is a spin-off company founded with the purpose of joining research efforts for the development of integrated systems for Electromobility, seting up a vertical supply chain from the concept to the manufacturing of fully electrical vehicles in the Torino area. Its members supply systems as well as part of assembly lines to most major manufacturers of Electrical Vehicles (Tesla, Renault, Volkswagen, Toyota, Fiat-Chrysler..), while the organization takes advantage of the unique characteristics of a Regional integrated supply chain where over 90.000 people and 900 companies cover the full spectrum of automotive technologies and serve the majority of the OEMs.
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