Exploring New Features Of Nano Silver Inks (Printed Electronics Europe 2018)

Mr Dirk Bollen, Manager Printed Electronics Metallic Inks & Grids
Agfa-Gevaert NV


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Presentation Summary

During the last years new nano silver based inks for a variety of print technologies (screen, flexo and inkjet printing) have been developed and demonstrated to be suitable for different applications like for example for thin layer high resolution printing. New developments show that high efficiency thick layer printing with high resolution are feasible, enabling new applications.

Speaker Biography (Dirk Bollen)

Dirk Bollen is currently R&D Manager Printed Electronics at AGFA-Gevaert NV. He holds a degree of Master of Science in Metallurgical Engineering 1987 from University Leuven, Belgium. After working some time at Bekaert N.V., he joined Agfa-Gevaert N.V. in January 1990. After working several years as a project manager for the development of photographic films in different departments, he became R&D Manager Orgacon involved in the development and application of conductive polymer PEDOT/PSS (Orgacon) products for printed electronics and other markets. During the last 5 years his main focus was on developing and commercializing nano silver based inks suitable for different print technologies. His research interests are: Printed Electronics, PEDOT/PSS, metallic inks, electrodes, PV, touchscreens.

Company Profile (Agfa-Gevaert N.V.)

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Agfa stays at the cutting edge of material development for Printed Electronics and Digitally Fabricated PCBs. We show the capability of our screen printing ink SI-P2000 to create all-nanosilver transparent touch circuits, and the power of digital manufacturing in Printed Electronics with our digital ink SI-J20x
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