Flexible Organic Batteries (Printed Electronics Asia 2008)

Prof Hiroyuki Nishide, Professor, Macromolecular Chemistry
Waseda University, Japan
Oct 08, 2008.


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Speaker Biography (Hiroyuki Nishide)

Hiroyuki Nishide is a Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry at Waseda University, Tokyo. His research interests include the synthesis and performance of functional polymers: radical polymers for battery, memory and organic magnetic applications, conjugated polymers, membranes for gas separation and proton conduction. He is President of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan and President-Elect of the Federation of Asian Polymer Societies, and serves on the advisory boards of international journals such as Polymer, Macromolecular Chem. Phys. and Green Chemistry.

Company Profile (Waseda University)

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Terasaki Group belongs to the Department of Applied Physics, Waseda University, Tokyo. They are interested in the physical properties of strongly correlated electron systems, which are often seen in transition-metal oxides and organic conductors. In a strongly correlated system, conduction electrons affect with each other through the strong Coulomb repulsion, and move together in a "correlated" manner. As a result, a conventional band picture is seriously broken down, and new phenomena can arise beyond the prediction of a band theory. They are studying large thermopower in cobalt oxides and giant nonlinear conduction in organic conductors.
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