Future of Smart Eyewear in a Post-Google Glass World (IDTechEx Wearable USA 2015)

Mr Soulaiman Itani, Founder & CEO
Atheer Labs
United States


USA 2015 Presentation - Atheer Labs*
USA 2015 Audio Presentation - Atheer Labs*

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Presentation Summary

Despite the rise and fall of Google Glass, smart eyewear devices that have appeared in the market is an indicator of the major opportunity for vendors to capitalize on new impactful technologies like augmented reality. This session is about what the market looks like today, and industry use cases.

Company Profile (Atheer Labs)

Atheer Labs logo
We are a team of entrepreneurs and inventors dedicated to pushing the boundaries of hardware, software, and machine learning to unlock the power of human productivity.
We have created a 3D Augmented Interactive Reality™ (AiR™) platform, which combines immersive 3D augmented reality with natural gesture-based interaction.
We work with the world's leading minds in augmented reality technology to build next-generation productivity applications for high-growth industries such as field service and construction, healthcare, warehousing, oil and gas and more.
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