Global Markets for PV Technologies to 2016 (Printed Electronics USA 2014)

Ms Paula Mints, Founder, Chief Market Research Analyst
Solar PV Market Research
United States
Nov 19, 2014.


Santa Clara 2014 Presentation - Solar PV Market Research*
Santa Clara 2014 Audio Presentation - Solar PV Market Research*

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Speaker Biography (Paula Mints)

Paula Mints is the Founder and Chief Market Research Analyst of Solar PV Market Research. SPV operates in partnership with Strategies Unlimited to bring high quality solar market research products to its clients. Ms. Mints began her solar market research career in 1997 with Strategies Unlimited. In 2005 she left Strategies Unlimited for Navigant where she continued her practice until October 2012, when she founded SPV Market Research.

Company Profile (Solar PV Market Research)

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SPV Market research provides market intelligence about the supply (technology) and demand (markets and applications) sides of the solar industry based on classic market research using primary data. SPV publishes an annual supply as well as an annual demand report as well as the mini-report series the Solar Flare.
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