Heat Harvest: Prototyping The Future Of Energy Waste Reduction (Energy Harvesting USA 2016)

Sergey Komardenkov, Interaction & Experience Designer
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design/Space10

Presentation Summary

Heat Harvest is an idea of a product from the future. It collects unused heat from our everyday life objects and converts it to electricity to power our gadgets and simple electronics. The presentation will outline the design process, the prototype, and share the reactions from those who experienced it.

Speaker Biography (Sergey Komardenkov)

Sergey Komardenkov is an Interaction & Experience Designer from Moscow, Russia.
He studied Information Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology and received his Master's degree from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. Sergey has expertise in user research and design of interactive products and experiences.

Company Profile (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design/Space10)

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