High Performance Organic Field Effect Transistors: Improved Materials As Basis For Robust Processes (Printed Electronics Europe 2016)

Dr Oriol Osso, Senior Technology Manager
BASF New Business GmbH


Europe 2016 Presentation - BASF New Business GmbH*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - BASF New Business GmbH*

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Presentation Summary

Organic Field Effect Transistors for display backplanes and circuitry require materials that guarantee high performance and enable robust processes. To meet these needs, BASF is developing solution-processable organic semiconductors and matching photo-patternable dielectrics which are tailored to a variety of coating and printing processes. We present a market-ready material set giving field effect transistors with mobilities of 2cm²/Vs based on a scalable, highly homogenous process. Next generation materials demonstrate mobilities of to up to 4cm2/Vs. For process integration we showcase a simplified i-line photo-patterning process that reduces the number of steps compared to classical photolithography without loss of system performance.

Company Profile (BASF New Business GmbH)

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BASF New Business is a subsidiary of BASF SE. We provide material system solutions to manufacture Organic Thin Film Transistors for backplanes of truly flexible displays, active matrices for sensors and paper-thin circuitry for e.g. smart packaging, labels, etc. Our portfolio includes ready-to-use inks of p- and n-type semiconductors, dielectrics and auxiliary materials as well as predefined ink packages.
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