How Augmented Reality Will Improve Our Interactions With Computers (Wearable USA 2016)

Mr Ryan Pamplin, VP-Sales & Partnerships
United States

Presentation Summary

Over the next few years, computing will begin shifting into the augmented reality medium. Your computer will become a natural extension of the body and your senses. Screens will begin to disappear. And you will no longer need to be your parents' tech support service.

Speaker Biography (Ryan Pamplin)

Ryan is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur with a deeply rooted passion for augmented reality. Ryan's been waiting for AR to usher in the future of computing since he first got glasses at age 7. He co-founded BrandAds which was acquired by the leader in TV advertising. The software is now used by nearly every Fortune 100. Previously, Ryan founded an award-winning creative agency best known for a 2013 Super Bowl ad.

Company Profile (Metavision)

Metavision logo
Meta has been defining the field of Augmented Reality (AR) since the company's inception in 2012. It exploded into the marketplace with the first see-through glasses that allowed wearers to move and manipulate 3D content intuitively, using natural hand interactions. With its new Meta 2 headset, Meta is once again setting the market standard and delivering a new generation of natural machines that will become a healthy, vital extension of who we are. Meta is found online at
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