Manufacturing Solutions for All-Solid-State Thin-Film Lithium Secondary Batteries (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2014)

Dr Takehito Jinbo, Chief Manager
Nov 20, 2014.

Presentation Summary

In this talk, manufacturing solutions such as production tools, methods and processes for all-solid-state thin-film lithium secondary batteries will be introduced. All-solid-state thin-film batteries, which are produced by thin-film deposition technology based on a vacuum technology, have special advantages, that is, safe, thin and flexible, thanks to their unique thin-film shape. By combination with energy harvesting, wireless communication and sensing devices, they can be employed in emerging small electronic devices suitable for next generation smart society.

Company Profile (Ulvac Technologies)

Ulvac Technologies logo
ULVAC Inc. is an equipment manufacturer with a large equipment portfolio, some of which is dedicated to state-of-the-art, thin film, lithium-ion battery manufacturing. This equipment range includes discrete (single) substrate battery fabrication, as well as, manufacturing equipment for flexible (roll-to-roll) substrates. For discrete substrate battery fabrication, ULVAC features a complete suite of manufacturing equipment, including a combination of DC and RF sputtering and thermal evaporation systems. The thin film battery: anode, cathode, and electrolyte film layers, and battery package, can be deposited using this suite of equipment.
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