Multifunctional Carbon-Based Supercapacitors (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2017)

Laura Bonsmann, Research Assistant
Northern Arizona University
United States

Presentation Summary

We are developing a multifunctional material that simultaneously provides long-term power storage capability, mechanical strength, and structure. With carbon fiber-based substrates and a gel polymer electrolyte, this unique material stores power electrostatically and is applicable to anything that requires both structure and power storage (hybrid/electric vehicles, solar panel substrates, satellites, consumer electronics, etc.). Material layouts, characteristics, and development challenges are discussed.

Speaker Biography (Laura Bonsmann)

Laura Bonsmann is a mechanical engineering graduate student at Northern Arizona University in the Multifunctional Materials and Adaptive Systems Laboratory under Dr. Constantin Ciocanel. After studying civil engineering, she worked as an environmental engineer, marketing director, and power sources engineer, before returning to school.

Company Profile (Northern Arizona University (NAU))

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The Multifunctional Materials and Adaptive Systems Laboratory at Northern Arizona University is focused on the development and comprehensive characterization of power storage composite materials as well as on multiphysics modelling and comprehensive characterization of multifunctional materials (i.e. magnetic shape memory alloys, magnetorheological fluids) and adaptive systems.
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