Next Generation LiS Batteries enabled with Reduced Graphene Oxide (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2019)

Dr Ahmet Oguz Tezel, Senior Research Scientist
Graphene Batteries AS


Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Speaker Biography (Ahmet Oguz Tezel)

Dr. Ahmet Oguz Tezel is a research scientist at Graphene Batteries AS, Oslo. He conducted his M.Sc and PhD works at the department of Materials Science and Engineering at NTNU with an emphasis on electrochemistry. He also spent a year under the supervision of Petr Novák at the Paul Scherrer Institute. He currently undertakes engineering and design of various battery electrodes for Li-ion and Li-Sulphur batteries.

Company Profile (Graphene Batteries)

Graphene Batteries AS is a Norwegian technology company in Li-S-battery technology. We have developed a graphene oxide enhanced sulfur cathode with breakthrough 150 cycles with > 99.5% cycle efficiency. We now develop a high-surface area Li-anode to match the high charge density on the cathode. Having direct access to GO from our sister-company Abalonyx, we now systematically screen modified GOs in order to optimize the cathode stabilization further, the results confirmed externally by Fraunhofer ISW in Dresden, Germany. We have established a detailed technology development and commercialization road map through which we will scale the technology and make it available to wider markets. We are now implementing this technology on pouch-cell level and our first pouch cells will be utilized in real flights tests by a Norwegian drone producer early next year. Together with our investor, we are now in the process of setting up a pilot facility in Norway with the final goal of mass production of lithium sulfur cells by 2023.
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