Nissha's Recent Developments in PE Field - Where Trend Meets Printing Technology (Printed Electronics USA 2013)

Dr Takahiro Suzuki, Principal Engineer
Nissha USA
United States
Nov 21, 2013.

Presentation Summary

  • Introduction of Nissha's capabilities in printing and neighboring technology fields, along with the examples of its application
  • R2R process for patterning variety of materials on plastic films
  • Integration of decoration and function enabled by Nissha's experience and solution
  • Nissha's R&D activities in the area of Printed Electronics

Speaker Biography (Tak Suzuki)

Tak Suzuki received the Ph.D. degree in Science (Solid State Physics) from Tohoku University in 2007.
He joined Nissha Printing in 2007, and has been involved in R&D activities and process engineering of touch sensors technologies.
In 2012, he has moved to San Jose (USA) to accelerate Nissha's research activities in the emerging technologies field.
He is primarily researching printable functional materials, patterning technologies and potential applications of printed electronics.

Company Profile (Nissha USA Inc)

Nissha USA Inc logo
As a technology development and manufacturing company, Nissha Printing has been playing significant role in two major domains - touch panel industry and decorative solution industry. There have always been breakthroughs in Nissha's printing process and technique that led the trends and pushed Nissha to today's leading position. Nissha's latest film-based touch sensor manufactured by R2R photolithography process is a prime example of such breakthrough.
Beyond those successes, Nissha is enhancing its R&D activities in newer fields including Printed Electronics. Examples of recent developments include wireless charging solution, force sensor integration, dye-sensitized solar cell and application of ITO replacement materials.
Nissha was founded in 1929, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. Manufacturing facilities are located in Japan, China, Malaysia and US. Sales/Marketing and engineering supports are available worldwide, enabling comprehensive support for global supply chain.
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