Polyester Films for the Next Generation of Flexible Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2015)

Dr Bill A MacDonald, Business Research Associate
DuPont Teijin Films
United Kingdom
Avr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - DuPont Teijin Films*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - DuPont Teijin Films*

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Presentation Summary

Polyester film substrates have been widely used in making relatively simple membrane touch switches and other flexible / printed electronic devices for over 30 years, yet since the early 2000's there has been an ever increasing desire to use "additive" printed electronics to replace "subtractive" etched circuitry in more complex, high performance, high value products. The ability to use flexible substrates in Roll-to-Roll production provides even more incentives for creativity within the plastic films, film processing, and coating industries. This next generation of Flexible Electronics technologies has required materials suppliers to deliver improved functionality to the device developers in fields as wide as electrophoretic displays, backplanes, barrier films, photovoltaics, sensors etc... This presentation will update the audience with the latest polyester film developments for Flexible Electronics, including:
(i) Ultra-smooth substrates for barrier films;
(ii) Super clear, low haze, low iridescence films for Touch Sensors;
(iii) Light outcoupling films for OLED devices;
(iv) Flame Retardant PET and PEN films with VTM-0 ratings per the UL94 certification for electronic circuitry and labeling
(v) Progress towards higher performance UV and hydrolysis resistant films for Photvoltaics and other applications

Company Profile (DuPont Teijin Films)

DuPont Teijin Films logo
The DuPont Teijin Films joint venture is a world-leading manufacturer of high performance PET and PEN polyester films specifically designed for use in flexible and printed electronic applications. The Melinex®, Mylar® and Teijin®Tetoron® brands of PET, plus the Teonex® high performance PEN films are the substrates of choice for precise registration and dimensional control. Our extensive range of stabilized films includes products with excellent resistance to heat, abrasion, chemicals, UV, and moisture. New PET product developments include optically clear "TCH" films for the next generation of low iridescence/low bloom films, and white reflective flame retardant films with UL's VTM-0 certification.
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