R2R And S2S Equipment For Advanced Manufacturing Of Flexible Electronics (Internet of Things Applications USA 2019)

Dr Sorin G Stan, Director, Business Development
VDL Enabling Technologies Group


USA 2019 _ VDL Enabling Technologies Group _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ VDL Enabling Technologies Group _ Presentation*

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Speaker Biography (Sorin G Stan)

Sorin G. Stan has a technical background in electrical engineering, mechatronics, electronics, IC design, and semiconductors manufacturing. He also holds a Ph.D. degree in nonlinear automatic control from Eindhoven University of Technology. Throughout his career, Mr. Stan was involved in many system architectures and product development activities and has accumulated a broad management expertise in leading technology programs, marketing, business development, corporate strategy, etc. at organizational levels varying from research laboratory to company division and CTO.

Company Profile (VDL Enabling Technologies Group)

VDL Enabling Technologies Group (VDL ETG) is a contract manufacturing partner operating worldwide in many high-tech markets like semiconductors, thin-film photovoltaics, analytical instruments, medical systems, etc. VDL ETG manufacturers parts, modules and fully-integrated systems in 6 volume factories worldwide, has strong design and engineering capabilities, and has a recognized track record in the realization of prototypes and first-of-a-kind complex tools and production lines.
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