Simplified Fabrication Method for Industry Grade OTFTs for Flexible Displays & Electronics (Printed Electronics USA 2014)

Dr Julian Carter, Technology Manager
Smartkem Ltd
United Kingdom
Nov 20, 2014.

Presentation Summary

• A simplified process for encapsulated OTFTs will be presented
• Analysis of uniformity with differing device structures will be presented
• High performance OTFT data will be presented suitable for flexible AMOLED applications

Company Profile (SmartKem Ltd)

SmartKem Ltd logo
SmartKem is the market leader in the design, synthesis and supply of organic semiconductors for the manufacture of a new generation of lightweight, unbreakable and low power LCD and OLED displays on both glass or plastic.
The Manchester based business has been focused on the transfer and scale up of its market leading truFLEX semiconductor platform onto LCD and OLED display production lines in Asia.
Today, the company is in the final stages of commercial adoption and scale-up of material production with the first display products anticipated to enter the market in 2018.
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