Ultra-Low-Power Capacitive Sensors (Sensors Europe 2020)

Dr Phil Poole, Director Semiconductors
Microdul AG

Presentation Summary

Microdul has developed some of the lowest power capacitive sensors. The presentation will first describe capacitive sensors based on a technique that automatically compensates slow changes to the background capacitance level and react to fast touch and proximity events. A new ultra-low-power (720nA) capacitive sensor based on a different principle will be described that can be used as a standalone capacitive switch or as a sensor that can output a capacitance value. This sensor can be used for a wake-up function for wearables, tags and cards. Further development of the ULP sensor for an EU-Horizon 2020 project called AMANDA will be illustrated.

Speaker Biography (Phil Poole)

Phil Poole has a PhD in Electronics from the University of Liverpool, UK. Phil worked for Philips Semiconductors in various positions from 1985 to 2001 both in Zürich, Switzerland and Kaohsiung, Taiwan as Test Engineering Manager. Phil started as a designer (first digital then analogue), followed his interest in test to become a test engineer (scan and IDDq testing), went on to lead a test group, become Test Engineering Manager and later Quality Manager in the management team in Zürich. Since 2002 Phil works for Microdul managing the Semiconductors Business Line. Microdul Semiconductors is specialised in providing low-power mixed signal solutions.

Company Profile (Microdul AG)

Microdul AG is a specialist for high quality microelectronics. Thanks to Microdul's three business lines Modules, Thick-film and Semiconductors there is a wide spectrum of choice with respect to electronic miniaturisation. Our core competence is the production of cutting edge individual solutions in close cooperation with the customer.
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