Ultra-low Power Passive RFID Tag Localization and Tracking in UWB Backscattering Systems (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012)

Mr Enrico Savioli, Software Developer
SELECT, Datalogic
Mai 16, 2012.


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Company Profile (Datalogic Automation)

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SELECT is a project carried out with financial support from the ICT theme of the EU FP7 (GA.257544). The objective is the development of a new-generation RTLS based on UWB passive tags. SELECT aims at integrating identification, detection, and high-accuracy location/tracking functionalities together with the development of passive RFID sensors that use UHF and backscattered UWB radio signaling as glue technologies. The consortium is composed of research institutes (Armines, CEA-LETI, CEIT, CNIT, Fraunhofer IIS) as well as industrial partners (Oria, Novelda, and Datalogic). The project is coordinated by Datalogic, a worldwide leader in Automatic Data Capture and Factory Automation markets.
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