Unleashing the Power of Fresh (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2018)

Mr Vincenzo Gallifuoco, Computer Engineer
United States

Speaker Biography (Vincenzo Gallifuoco)

Vincenzo Gallifuoco comes from a small town in southern Italy close to Napoli. Raised in Sydney, Australia, he returned to Italy to pursue his bachelor's degree at the University of Salerno and his master's degree in Computer Engineering with full marks at the Polytechnic University of Turin. He carried out his final thesis work in Turin in Human Robot Interaction, which involved C.R.A.B Telecom Italia Innovation Lab and GRAINS group. He began his career working as a Research Fellow on HCI and Human-Machine Interaction techniques. He has been with Infratab for two years as a Computer Engineer, focusing on RFID readers and sensors.

Company Profile (Infratab)

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Infratab Freshtime smart sensors and software answer the question, "How fresh is it?" while simply and securely monitoring, tracking and tracing a perishable's condition. Freshtime Points® are the most powerful metrics in the market for quantifying and measuring the freshness of a perishable; metrics that can be authenticated, validated, audited.
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