Wearable Sensing System for Remote Patient Monitoring (Wearable Technology LIVE! USA 2014)

Mr Guilherme de Paula, CEO/CTO & Founder
United States
Nov 19, 2014.


Santa Clara 2014 Presentation - Pancreum*
Santa Clara 2014 Audio Presentation - Pancreum*

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Speaker Biography (Guilherme de Paula)

Originally a software and electronic engineer, Mr. de Paula attended the Indiana Institute of Technology where he graduated in Computer Engineering. He then pursued post-graduate studies in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Western Michigan University and Florida Atlantic University. He has developed several products in the automation, personal computer, data communication, biometrics, defense, wearable medical device and wearable health & fitness device fields. While at Medtronic MiniMed, Insulet and Pancreum, he worked on award-winning wearable products like a continuous glucose monitor, insulin delivery system and an artificial pancreas also including glucagon delivery. More recently, at Motiv (www.mymotiv.com), he has been working on a multi-sensor, innovative wearable health & fitness device, still in stealth mode.