Whitelabel The Future: How Platforms Will Streamline The IoT Revolution (Internet of Things Applications USA 2017)

Mr Sam Colley, CEO
Pod Group
United States


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Presentation Summary

As expectations tend towards personalized, data-driven services, responding immediately to market changes is becoming a key differentiator, creating the need for mutual insight on both sides of the market. Whitelabelled platforms are an effective intermediary, allowing unprecedented levels of customer interaction and paving the way for truly end-to-end IoT systems.

Speaker Biography (Sam Colley)

Throughout his career, Sam Colley has specialized in business development for a wide range of companies, during the last decade focusing on the telecoms sector where he has held positions in Vodafone and subsequently in Pod Group.
Sam is now CEO of Pod Group Inc. based in Pod's US office in San Francisco California, where he is responsible for all divisions of the company within the US market.
As well as expanding Pod Group's footprint in the USA, Sam is currently leading an initiative to develop new global markets for the company particularly focusing on the Canadian and South American markets.

Company Profile (Pod Group)

Pod Group logo
The divisions of Pod Group, PodM2M and Pod Solutions, create groundbreaking ways to support the people building the IoT, centered on IoT communications and data. We achieve this by working in close partnership with our customers to find their ideal data connectivity, supporting them through development, getting to market, after-sales technical support, and personalising every service we offer, including one-to-one account management from a specialist who is familiar with their application.
For more information on how Pod Group is connecting IoT innovators everywhere, visit https://podm2m.com/ or https://www.podgroup.com/
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