Electric Motors for EVs: Technology, Material, and Market Evolution

Electric traction motors may have originally been developed in the 1800s, but they continue to evolve today, with the growing electric vehicle (EV) market providing new technologies, opportunities, and demand. IDTechEx has been writing research reports about electric traction motors in electric vehicles since 2012, but each year there are new developments that continue to surprise and impress.
This webinar hosted by IDTechEx is based on the new report, "Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles 2024-2034".
The webinar will analyze the current market landscape for electric motors used in electric vehicles with a focus on technology and materials. It will consider different motor topologies, the reduction and elimination of rare earth materials, and the future adoption of emerging motor categories like axial flux and in-wheel motors.
This webinar will include:
  • Current market landscape for electric motor technologies
  • Market drivers behind alternative materials
  • Methods to reduce or eliminate rare earths for both magnet free and permanent magnet motor designs
  • An update on the market progress of emerging motor technologies including axial flux, in-wheel, and modern switched reluctance motors
  • An outlook for the future of the electric motor technology