Materials Informatics: A Digital Transformation in Materials R&D

Materials informatics (MI) involves using data-centric approaches, including AI and machine learning, to accelerate materials R&D and take it in new directions. As 2023 begins, the impact of this digital transformation on the materials and chemical sectors is rapidly accelerating.
By combining well-designed infrastructures with advanced optimization and statistical tools, scientists and engineers can design new materials, discover materials for a given application, or fine-tune of how materials are processed. Although not straight-forward and still at an early stage, several strategic approaches to applying MI have crystalized and success stories are growing. The competitive benefits felt by early adopters are set to be significant.
In this webinar, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Sam Dale will give a comprehensive overview of this field. This is based on extensive primary interviews across the industry and draws on information from their leading technical report on this topic - "Materials Informatics 2023-2033", marking the third year of IDTechEx's coverage of this field.
This webinar will provide:
  • The latest commercial developments in the field
  • Assessment of the different strategic approaches being adopted
  • The key technology pillars required for a MI approach
  • Industry pain points
  • Application case studies