Mobile Robotics in Logistics - Over 20-fold Revenue Increase in the Next Two Decades

Due to the rising labor expenses and the expansion of e-commerce, mobile robots have garnered substantial traction across warehouses, factories, and fulfillment centers, where they are utilized for a wide range of logistical tasks. These tasks encompass intralogistics, material handling, case picking, and last-mile delivery.
According to IDTechEx's research, cumulative funding for various segments of mobile robotics, including mobile picking, intralogistics material transport, and last-mile delivery robots, has experienced an astonishing 261-fold increase from 2015 to 2022. As of 2023, certain applications such as infrastructure-dependent automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and infrastructure-free autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for indoor intralogistics have already established themselves as multi-billion-dollar markets. Leading industry players are intensifying their efforts in research and development to introduce new products in these areas. Meanwhile, investments in outdoor last-mile delivery vans, robots, and drones for short-haul delivery, as well as L4 autonomous trucks for long-haul transportation, are also substantial. These segments are expected to take off starting from the end of this decade thanks to the relaxation of regulations and advancements in technology. Despite this ongoing growth, each type of robot and its respective market faces unique trends and challenges that impact their adoption. This webinar will provide an analysis of the current landscape and address some of the challenges associated with these developments.
In this webinar, IDTechEx Technology Analyst Yulin Wang shares the research from IDTechEx's latest report. "Mobile Robotics in Logistics, Warehousing and Delivery 2024-2044", analyzing the current state and how each segment is expected to grow in this complex market.
The webinar's agenda includes the following topics:
  • An overview of mobile robots and a breakdown of different types of mobile robots used in logistics.
  • Exploring the reasons behind the rapid growth of mobile robots in logistics and the benefits they offer to various industries.
  • Discussion of the fundamental technologies and components that empower mobile robot systems.
  • Analyzing the present state of the market, including noteworthy developments such as acquisitions and new product launches by industry leaders.
  • Delving into the obstacles and regulatory considerations that mobile robots face, along with a timeline for addressing these challenges.
  • Providing an overview of IDTechEx's independent forecast for the future of mobile robots in the logistics sector.
This comprehensive agenda will provide attendees with a holistic understanding of the mobile robot landscape in logistics, from their introduction and growth factors to technology insights, market trends, and future projections.